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Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated medicines warehouse at Gurumangat Road

Lahore : Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has inaugurated modern medicines supply warehouse at Gurumangat Road Gulberg, here today.

The Chief Minister also visited modern medicines’ supply warehouse where he was briefed about it. He was informed that medicines supply warehouse has been constructed a sum of Rs. 20 crore.

The Chief Minister while talking on this occasion said that it is a matter of pleasure to witness the modern system of storing medicines and establishing digital system for this purpose is a commendable step of Punjab government.

He said that a wonderful system has been evolved for storing the warehouse and supply of the medicines. International standard has been kept in mind for storing the medicines in warehouse. He said that this system is playing an important role regarding the timely supply of medicines in a safer manner.

Chief Minister lauded the concerned authorities for evolving wonderful supply system of medicines. Provincial Ministers Health Kh. Salman Rafique and Kh. Imran Nazir, Chief Secretary, Secretaries health and other concerned authorities were present on this occasion. He also inaugurated the modern SBL-III Lab on Birdwood Road.

The Chief Minister visited the various sections of modern lab and expressed joy over the establishment of latest lab. He said that setting up of this kind of lab is need of the time. He said that tests of HIV, hepatitis and other dangerous diseases would be conducted in this lab. He said that setting up of BSL-III lab is another milestone of Punjab government.

He termed it an important step towards serving the ailing humanity. Chief Minister Punjab paid detailed visit to the department of Primary & Secondary Healthcare.

The Chief Minister went to the various sections of the department and shook hands with officials and officers present there and lauded their performance.

The Chief Minister also visited different units of health department. He inaugurated monitoring and surveillance center of primary & secondary healthcare department and provincial TB reference BSL-III Lab.

Chief Minister visited both the projects and inspected the latest machinery. District and tehsils headquarters hospitals have been interlinked through monitoring and surveillance center with the help of IT. So far, 40 hospitals have been linked with monitoring and surveillance centers where medical facilities have been monitored through modern and latest cameras.

He said that every possible resource is being utilized for betterment of healthcare services. He said that desirable results have been witnessed due to government initiatives for bringing improvements in health sector. He further maintained that setting up of modern labs are our minor efforts for serving ailing humanity.

The chief Minister also went to daycare center. Shahbaz Sharif also inspected the expansion project of drug testing lab and directed to further accelerate the speed of work on this project.

The Chief Minister also visited drug testing lab and appreciated the concerned authorities for wonderful work.

Later, Chief Minister while talking to media persons said that Punjab government has introduced the modern system of store, supply and distribution of medicines and this system has been made operational completely. He said that he himself observed this system.

He said that a wonderful project of Pakistan has been completed by setting up store of medicines at Gurumangat and TCS Company is running this project. He said that we also have inaugurated same kind of warehouse in Multan where medicines are stored according to prescribed temperature.

He said that due to the barcode, there is no fear of theft and stealing of medicines. He said that he also inaugurated the projects at Birdwood road where wonderful drug testing laborites of bacteria and virus are established. Staff is highly trained from Britain and Turkey as well as master trainees have also been arranged.

He said that besides Lahore, DTL Labs have also been constructed in Multan, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad. He said that soon international certification of these labs will be done. He said that by setting up of these labs, government has abolished the old system of testing the medicines as these drug laboratories are of international standards. He said that now there will be no incorrect results of the testing of medicines. This will also greatly help to eradicate tempering as well as preparing spurious drugs by fake companies.

He said that this free system of testing of medicines have been evolved under the Health Department. He said that he is very pleased to see the system of primary & secondary health where highly trained staff filled with passion of serving the ailing humanity is present. He said that he has congratulated the people of Punjab for implementing the modern system of store, supply, distribution and testing of medicines .

He also thanked Dr. Umar Saif for introducing effective monitoring system. He said that resources of billions of rupees have been spent for evolving and implementing this system. He said that state-of-the-art tuberculosis lab has been set up where a wonderful system of hepatitis filter clinics has been introduced for the treatment of liver disease.

He said that people of the provinces are brothers and if they need our support and assistance in this regard then we are present. He said that modern system of mortuary has been evolved. This system will be greatly helpful if there is a need to collect the samples in forensic lab for investigating any criminal act.

He said that our modern labs can be compared with Turkey and Iran. However, there are so many things to do. Journey is long but a wonderful future is in front of us. He said that our political rivals have only given sorrows to the people of their provinces.

In response to a question, the Chief Minister said that PTI has destroyed KPK and staged a public meeting in Lahore and tried to sell new dreams to the nation. He said that nation will not be deceived by the tall claims and lie of Imran Khan as their poor performance is in front of them.

He said that it is his request to his rivals to realize facts. The CT scan machines are providing services to the patients around the clock. We have broken the alliance of corrupt mafia through this latest system. And now no one will force the patients to conduct their tests from outside by willingly making the machines out of order.

To a question, he said that NAB is proactively working in the whole of the country which is a good thing.

To another question, he said that people are going to decide about the future leadership through the power of their votes in 2018. There should be a leadership in the country which can save the country from internal and external challenges, and save it from unemployment and poverty as well. People can empower such leaderships through the power of their votes.

He said that we have served the people and 20 lakh families have been given interest free loans worth 46 billion rupees under Chief Minister’s Self Employment Scheme and the recovery ratio is around 100%.

On one side, there are poor people who have set high standards of trust and honesty and returned back every penny of their loans and there are elite segments of the society who have got their mega loans waived off on political grounds. Pakistan can become a country of Quaid and Iqbal through accountability of such people and recovery of waived off loans from them. Pakistan can achieve its lost glory through indiscriminate accountability.

Replying to a question about out of order MRI machine in Jinnah Hospital, he said that if concerned minister has been here then he would have been asked about it.

However, its notice has been taken. He said that 3 static workshops have been set up in Lahore, Sargodha and Multan while 9 mobile workshops have also been procured. Now if medical equipment of any hospital is out of order then the same would be immediately repaired through such labs.

To another question, he said that Chaudhry Nisar is his friend as well as a senior party leader but he is happy today to observe the latest system. Replying to a question about energy projects, he said that Rs.150 billion have been saved in 4 gas-based energy projects set up in Punjab.

On the other side, no tendering of Nandipur project was done and tremendous corruption was done in it. NAB should take notice of it. I request the apex court to take notice of it that the persons involved in corruption in this project are moving freely. It is a grave injustice with the nation. Musharraf started Kachhi Canal Project without tendering and planning. The cost of this project has increased from Rs. 20 billion to Rs. 90 billion. These are mega corruption cases which have weakened the country like termite. Mega corruption scandals should be disclosed indiscriminately so that the nation could know the facts.

To another question, he said that majority of doctors have the passion of serving the ailing humanity but a handful of elements are creating hurdles in the service of ailing humanity. Removing these obstacles is the job of administration. If administration has failed to perform its duty then the nation will say in future that the hospital model devised by us should be implemented in whole of Punjab. We have handed over newly built hospitals to Indus Trust where there is no strike nor are these close downs. Replying to a question about Asif Zardari, he said that his corruption cases worth billions of rupees are with the NAB.

In addition to it, 6 billion rupees are deposited in Swiss banks. Many labs and hospitals would have been built through this money, if it had not been looted. I would request NAB and Supreme Court to take notice of it and bring back this looted money.

To another question, he said that NAB is not under me and if NAB would have been under him then he would not have been under the NAB.

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