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Shahbaz Sharif met the alumni of Daanish schools

Lahore : Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif met with the alumni of Daanish schools and termed them as great sons of the nation.

He especially talked about a girl child of Daanish school Hasilpur and said that when he visited the school and asked the girl about her parents. She said that she is an orphan and when she goes for sleeping at night, she recalls her parents because they wanted to see her as a doctor.

She quietly said to them that though you have left me but I am studying in Daanish school and shall become a doctor by the grace of Almighty Allah.

This daughter has told me that Daanish school is a great support for her and Daanish schools are a source of protection for many such students.

He took exception to the critics of Daanish schools and termed them as jealous persons who have showed poor performance in education and failed to set up institutions like Daanish schools in their provinces.

To a question about Imran Khan, he said that Bilawal Zardari has inquired from uncle Imran Khan that whom he is deceiving as he has voted them.

Replying to a question about NAB, the Chief Minister said that NAB should fulfill its responsibilities at every cost. We are happy if NAB is activated and it should be welcomed. Transparent and indiscriminate accountability of all should be held as it rejuvenates the society. If it is the approach of Chairman NAB then nobody would differ with it. Billions and trillions of rupees have been looted in the near past, he said.

The nation should welcome the step if NAB is going to hold the accountability of it. NAB is proactively working in Punjab and we are providing them necessary documents and other material.

He said that we did not hide Saaf Pani Scandal as we believe in transparency and are answerable to the people along with Almighty Allah. We had to divulge the nation about our mistakes in this regard because a dacoity of Rs. 70 billion was going to be made in this project and we had caught it red handed and saved Rs. 70 billion amount of the nation.

We lodged FIRs and the case was referred to the anti-corruption establishment but where was NAB then? He said that Punjab government had saved many hundred billion rupees in different projects by maintaining complete transparency. The wheel of development has been moved with speed and the people who worked hard for national development should be appreciated by the nation for encouraging such citizens.

However, it is the responsibility of NAB to investigate and dig out corruption, if there is any. NAB should also appreciate that billions of rupees have been saved by us, he added.

Talking about Nandipur Power Project, the Chief Minister said that no bidding of this project was done which was amounting around 50, 60 billion rupees and the then government awarded the contract without any bidding.

The court referred the case to NAB and Mr. Justice Rehmat Hussain Jaffari stated in his verdict that Babar Awan is responsible for the delay in this project. Billions of rupees have been wasted due to Babar Awan and the plant was left rusted at Karachi Port. Is there any other bigger crime than that, he enquired?

Similarly, Safe City Project was started in Islamabad during the tenure of Peoples Party which caught attention of Supreme Court. Only two thousand CCTV cameras were installed under this project which was amounting to Rs. 16 billion. Punjab government’s Safe City Project in Lahore is four times the size of Islamabad’s project and 8000 CCTV cameras have been installed under this project with a cost of Rs. 13 billion rupees thus ensuring the saving of billions of rupees.

Replying to another question, he said that it is the constitutional responsibility of NAB to recover the plundered amount of billions and trillions of rupees. If this money is recovered, then everyone will appreciate NAB but selective justice will result in giving dangerous results.

He said that a dacoity of billions of rupees was tried to be made over the iron ore reserves in Chiniot and the case was referred to NAB on the orders of Lahore High Court in 2010. NAB closed it and gave a clean chit though.

Now, it has been re-noticed which is a good thing. Similarly, a corruption of billions and trillions of rupees was made in NICL, rental power projects and EOBI, and if this money is recovered, then NAB will be appreciated.

The Chief Minister went to the seats of the students at the end of the ceremony and met with them.

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