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Caretaker Prime Minister must be impartial : Sirajul Haq

Lahore : Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the care taker Prime Minister must be impartial and all political parties should be taken into confidence in this regard.

Talking to different delegations at Mansoora on Wednesday, he said the JI had proposed a name for the care taker Premier and other parties had also given their names. However, he said, that the care taker set up should be impartial and all political parties should be taken into confidence in this regard.

Sirajul Haq urged all political parties not to issue party tickets for the next elections to corrupt people so as to help wipe out corruption.

He said it was a common knowledge that the international establishment was afraid of the Islamic leadership in this country whereas the corrupt politicians simply danced to the tune of the establishment.

He said that the JI believed in the change of the system and not of the change of individuals. He said that the biggest hurdle in the change of the system were the Sugar Mafia, Land Mafia and Drug Mafia, who wanted to continue their hold over on political power at every cost as they considered politics and democracy as their house maid

The JI chief said that the general public could not get justice under the rule of Mughal princes, and freeing the country from the clutches of the corrupt ruling elite was imperative to ensure the basic rights of the masses.

He said that feudal lords and vaderas and corrupt capitalists managed to return to power by changing the parties. He said that the poor people were oppressed in every part of the country including Islamabad and the common man could not get clean drinking water despite the orders of the superior courts. He said the unjust distribution of the resources was giving rise to regional, linguistic and similar other biases.

Sirajul Haq said that the credit for the extension of the superior courts’ jurisdiction to the tribal areas went to the tribal people who had waged a prolonged war against the oppressive FCR.  He demanded representation for the FATA people in the provincial assembly in the forthcoming elections, besides special packages for the education, health and employment.

Meanwhile, the custodian of the shrine of Khawaja Ahmad Yar Faridi, Rahimyar Khan, called on the JI chief at Mansoora and lauded the JI’s efforts for the supremacy of Islam and the elimination of corruption.

Pir Syed Latifur Rahman Shah, Pirzada Burhanud Din Usmani and JI deputy Secretary General, Muhammad Asghar were also present on the occasion.

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