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LGH organised awareness walk and seminar on the eve of World Kidney Day

Lahore : On the eve of World Kidney Day an awareness walk and seminar took place at Lahore General Hospital where Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute Prof. Dr. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab and renowned medical experts addressed the medical students.

Two those patients who got their kidneys successfully and free of cost transplanted from Lahore General Hospital were guests of honor on this occasion. Theme of this seminar held at Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences was “Kidneys & Women’s Health, Include, Value, and Empower”.

Principal PGMI said that it is high time that general public be informed about basic principles of health so they can opt preventive measures at every stage. He said that every person related to the medical field is duty bound to give awareness to the patient on possible disease.

Prof. Sajjad Hussain, Prof.  Tariq Salauddin, Prof. Muhammad Nazir, MS Dr. Mehmood Salauddin, Prof. Hafiz Shehbaz Ashraf, Dr. Aurangzeb Faisal, Razia Bano Dr. Shah Jahan and other speakers highlighted the complications, symptoms and modern treatment of kidney diseases and asserted that one should not wait at home and should immediately contact proper doctor and hospital.

Prof. Sajjad Hussain and Prof. Muhammad Nazir said that as per international statics 19 crore people are caught annually in kidney problems while 6 lac are expired. He said that women are more in number as compare to men. In Pakistan we have different problems like polluted water, quacks own made sexual medicines and heavy use of substandard edibles.

Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab appreciated the holding of such seminar and walk and said that media should play it’s role effectively.

Other speakers said that high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes and use of alcohol are main causes of kidneys failure and being an important part of body we must take care especially of kidneys.

In this seminar a large number of medical students participated who took part before in walk where they were holding play cards for awareness of general public.

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