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MNA Arifa Khalid calls on Shahbaz Sharif

Lahore : Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that if Almighty Allah bestowed His blessings and the people reposed their trust upon the PML-N, then the masses will be served than ever before. All the people will have to work jointly to make Pakistan stronger and prosperous and everyone should play its due role for the national development, he added.

During his meeting with Arifa Khalid MNA, the Chief Minister said that national development and prosperity are core agenda of the PML-N. Our past and present is filled with public service and steps for their development. We have taken every step for national development while the opponents wasted their time in obstructing the journey of development. Niazi Sahib wasted his time in allegations instead of serving the people of Khyber PK. The performance of those who criticize development projects in Punjab is zero in their provinces.

He said that u-turn, sit-in, allegations-leveling and falsehood are the identity of Niazi Sahib. Those who are devoid of the passion of public service cannot tolerate public welfare in the Punjab.

He said that people will hold accountability of negative politics in the next elections with the power of their votes. Niazi Sahib must realize that time has come to sift facts from fiction. We shall go to the court of people in next elections with the records of our performance and public service, concluded the Chief Minister.

During the meeting, discussion was held about development schemes and political matters.

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