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Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated development projects in Gujranwala

Lahore : Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has visited Gujranwala today and inaugurated welfare projects of billion Rupees also laid foundation for the development of Gujranwala.

He inaugurated the grand project of Jinnah Interchange worth of Rs 8 billion. Likewise, CM also inaugurated other completed development projects including Government Girls Degree College of Ladhay Wala Waraich which was constructed with an amount of Rs 12 crore, Parking Plaza of Gujranwala accomplished by the cost of Rs 50 crore. E-Khidmat Markaz, E-Library and Sports Gymnasium were also inaugurated by him.

Chief Minister laid foundation stone of the projects of construction of two-way road from Sheikhupura to Gujranwala which will cost Rs 6 billion, Gaukher Sports Arena and project of construction and maintenance of road from Main GT Road to Medical College Gujranwala.

While addressing a huge public gathering at Jinnah Stadium Gujranwala, CM said that PML-N government has completed development projects worth 40 billion for the uplift and prosperity of Gujranwala district in the past four years and in the same manner over 60 billion rupees have been spent in this regard in last 09 years.

CM while announcing Metro-bus service for Gujranwala said that work on this project will be started immediately after the success in coming elections. He also announced University of Engineer and Technology, Rachna college up-gradation to University level, construction of multi storey Surgical Tower at District Head Quarter Hospital, flyover worth of 1.5 Arab at Alam Chowk Gujranwala and project of widening of Gujranwala to Khanqaw Dogran Motorway Interchange road from 12 feet to 24 feet.

CM promised that if people will give us opportunity to serve in the upcoming elections, all these projects will be started and brought to completion within stipulated time. The huge gathering of people today is a clear proof of the fact that people are extremely fond of PML (N) and Nawaz Sharif also they are astute enough to judge veracious from worthless.

CM said that he has come Gujranwala to congratulate people for Jinnah Flyover which has been completed at an estimated cost of around Rs 8 billion and this project is a wonder of Pakistan which will lighten the hearts of the people with lightning at night and blossom of flowers.

Furthermore he added that people from Rawalpindi, Lahore and other cities who used to visit here for food have to face difficulties before but now Jinnah Flyover will facilitate them in best possible way. He mentioned that Nandipur is in proximity here and PML (N) has completed this project four year ago by working day and night on it under the dynamic leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. During the government of Peoples Party, machinery of this project stayed unattended on Karachi port for 4 years and its parts were stolen.

ShahbazSharif thanked Allah for giving them courage to complete this projected and shared further that not only this project but we have installed energy projects of thousands of MW in the past 4 years due to which the Light which used to remain disappeared most of the time few years ago, is lightening whole country without interruption.

He said that Zardari’s government has turned Karachi into Mohenjodoro today and on the other side government of Naizi sahib has pushed Peshawar into darkness. Zardari and Niazi has made alliance however people are well aware of their coalition because both have done nothing in their provinces so are afraid now to confront public, he added.

CM shared that Niazi Sahib don’t have the courage to face people in KPK that is why he is leveling baseless allegations on us because we have provided better educational facilities to the children from less privileged families.

He said that thousands of PEEF scholars are playing their part in the development of the country. We have ensured supply of standard medicines in government hospitals and CT Scan machines are made available in all district hospitals of the province. People of remote areas are being provided with standard medical facilities at their doorsteps through mobile hospital.

Moreover, CM added that we have laid a network of roads, bridges and flyovers. The best IT center has been established in Lahore. He said that our policy of public service is hurting the opponents. He vowed that with the blessings of Allah we will bury the alliance of Zardari and Niazi.

He said that there is no better judge than public and our performance in public service is evident before public so we hope that they will make the fair choice in upcoming elections. If God and the people give us the opportunity to serve, not only Punjab but every city of Pakistan will progress and all units of our country will be developed like Punjab.

CM said that he is being charged on day and night, but to the answer of their allegations he only wants to say that he will continue this service with more dedication. He vowed that we will generate new opportunities of jobs and clean water project will be extended to whole Pakistan.

He said that performance of Nawaz Sharif is in front of the masses. His major projects have been completed. Now seeing our performance, the decision is to be done by the people with the power of vote.

He said that PML (N) government has provided farmers with cheap fertilizers, interest free loans and cheap electricity to the tube wells. It’s the time for wheat and like previous years the farmers will get reward for their hard work as we will not allow anyone to exploit the rights of farmers. If Allah Almighty gave us the opportunity to serve, then we will make Pakistan a welfare state truly, in the light of the ideas of Iqbal and Quaid and will change the destiny of Pakistan, he vowed.

Defense Minister Khurram Dhangir Khan, Minister of State Chaudhry Mahmud Bashir Wark and Usman Ibrahim also addressed the rally. Provincial ministers, members of the assembly and huge number of workers of Muslim League were present in the gathering.

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