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Justice denied to Excise Inspector Muhammad Ishaq

Lahore : After facing investigation for six month in illegal detention of Counter Terrorism Department in a truck blast case in which 36 people were injured,happened on 7th of August at Band Road , Excise Inspector Muhammad Ishaq could not be released despite the fact he was not found guilty .

The CTD found Excise Inspector Muhammad Ishaq innocent in terrorism case but even than Justice was denied to him and he was booked in a forgery case that he never did only to justified his detention and 180 long prison .

It was a pleasant day of August 2017 when he was busy in chitchat with his kids at home . Meanwhile a team of CTD came there and took him without telling anything to him or his family .

Muhammad Ishaq family searched him everywhere , reported the matter to police station but they could not found any clue for many weeks . Neither they knew Ishaq was alive nor sure about his death. Such a ruthless investigation turned him a senseless man who during prison lost hearing .

He was unaware about his place of detention and wellbeing of his kins too. From morning to night he was questioned about the owner of truck whom he never knew.

A fake file of documents were put before him to establish his connection with the terrorists but forensic experts proved his innocence by declaring that the signature on the papers were not matched with the sign of Muhammad Ishaq. They also testified that bank challan was also a fake paper.

I had lost the hope to see my family again and waiting for death to get rid of all these problems being faced by me during the prison when two days before , I was handed over to Anti Corruption Establishment team who locked me into the lock up of police station Old Anarkali , Muhammad Ishaq talked to his family.

I do not remember how many days I could not see open sky and spent day & nights into the walls and in a small room where I used to take there for investigation , Ishaq told with tearful eyes .

I was innocent but spent six months prison and faced horrifying investigation , I did not do any forgery but facing fake case , who will take responsibility of it ? Will any court give me justice ? Will any judge give my six months back ? Will my hearing ability restored ? the answer is no.

I am a prey a criminal justice system like thousands others who do not have any approach to powerful people to get justice but I am sure on the day of judgement ,when the almighty set his court ,I will be given justice , Muhammad Ishaq said holding his finger to  the skies trying to stop tears which were coming out unwantedly.

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