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Punjab Chief Minister announces the arrest of serial killer

Lahore : We are thankful to Almighty Allah that due to our sincere and collective efforts, the hardened killer of Zainab has been arrested. The whole nation was saddened over this tragedy and after a hard work of fourteen days; this success has been achieved by JIT, Punjab Forensic Science Agency and intelligence organizations. The name of this savage is Imran, age 24 years and the serial killer is resident of Kasur. I wish to hang this beast in public at chowk but we are bound by the law and I request the Chief Justice Lahore High Court that this case should be heard in anti-terrorism court.

Punjab government shall fulfil all the legal obligations to ensure early completion of trial and so that the beast could be put to gallows. It is also the desire of father of Zainab, Punjab government and the whole nation.

Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Model Town along with Haji Muhammad Amin Ansari today.

The Chief Minister thanked the cabinet committee on law and order, political colleagues and intelligence agencies along with army chief over the arrest of the hardened criminal.

He said that profiling of 1150 DNAs was held in forensic lab and the DNA of this hardened killer was matched hundred percent. Polygraph test of this killer is also held in which he has confessed of all of his crimes.

He said the team, as well as the agencies that helped in arrest of the killer, are stars of the nation. I and my team personally supervised progress on the case and this team dedicatedly worked on this case as if this incident has been happened with their own daughter. They committedly burnt the midnight oil and perhaps there is no other example of such collective efforts in my political career.

It shows that we are united for a noble cause during the time of crisis. The sincere efforts have been materialized and the killer has been arrested. I could not bring back Zainab but shall work hard to provide justice to the bereaved family and the same was ensured to Haji Amin Ansari in Kasur by me.

The first step of the arrest of the killer has been completed and the second step of putting this hardened criminal to gallows will be started now. Exemplary punishment is necessary to mitigate such shameful incidents in future and if any amendment is required to be made in law then it should be done. Zainab has left this world at a very young age and now the cruel killer has to be sentenced with the might of the law.

He thanked the DG FSA for helping to arrest the criminal and said that perhaps the achievement would have been impossible if this agency would have not been there to provide the necessary technical support.

He also thanked NADRA and added that agitation was held and political jugglery was made on this incident. I appeal to such elements to stop doing politics over dead bodies; lest this fire could make it to your homes as well.

He said that Asma that was molested in Mardan is also daughter of this nation and I request the KPK government that we are ready for cooperation and our forensic lab is also available for providing technical assistance. We are also available for providing technical support with regard to the incident of killing of Naqeeb Ullah Mehsood that happened in Karachi. It is not the time to do politics over dead bodies and let’s sit together to solve the problems of the people. By this way, Pakistan will be recognized the world over. Replying to a question, he said that success has been achieved due to the collective efforts of line departments and we are ready to provide support to the KPK government to unearth the killer of Asma of Mardan. To another question, he said that the persons who showed negligence in this case will be held accountable. I shall also meet other bereaved families and justice will be ensured to them as well.

Father of Zainab, Haji Amin Ansari thanked the Chief Minister, Army Chief, Chief Justice of Pakistan and other agencies that provided help in this case.

DG FSA also spoke on the occasion.

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