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PFA bans on the use of ‘Ajinomoto

Lahore : The Punjab Food Authority banned the use of ‘Ajinomoto’ also known as china salt in the preparing of food dishes and other food items due to injurious for consumer health here on Monday.

This decision has been taken on the recommendations of PFA Scientific Panel in which they informed that china salt is become a cause of several health diseases like headache, blood pressure, heart palpitations, memory loss  and disturb mental and nervous system. As well as, it also effect on women during pregnancy.

Penal further recommended that china salt is mostly used in restaurants, hotels and homes for which PFA take stern action immediately for stopping its practice in cooking.

According to Punjab Pure Food Regulations 2017, it is strictly forbidden the use of Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) in weaning food, fats and oils, frozen meat and fish and other essential commodities.

In this regard, Director General PFA Noor ul Amin Mengal said that the main ingredient of Ajinomoto is MSG that is side effects on human. He said “According to Punjab Pure Food Regulations 2017, it is compulsory for all food industry to label in visible font size on their products about “Mono Sodium Glutamate” is presence in it and it is not fit for less than 12 months old infants”.

He said that PFA is giving adjustment time for two months to all food industry and PFA will take strict action against responsible in the case of violation of this prohibition after March 31.

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