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Annual Mushaira 2018 held at Government College for Boys Gulberg

Lahore : Minister for Higher Education Punjab Syed Raza Ali Gillani has said that our religion, civilization and culture preaches peace, brotherhood and tolerance.

He said that Literature is the best way to promote positive thinking and harmony in the society. Our children, students and youngsters are our future and we must focus on their education and training, he added.

The Minister was addressing the Annual Mushaira 2018 at Government College for Boys Gulberg Lahore in Friday evening. Country’s most prominent poets, teachers and college students were present on the occasion.

The Minister in his address appealed that the teachers must try to guide students how to think and behave in a balanced and moderate way. He asked the teachers to guide the students in a way that they may become useful members of the society.

The recent incident in Kasur is a turning point for our society and we have to unite to overcome such serious risks, Syed Raza Ali Gilani added.

Poets in the mushaira also reflected the sorrow and grief of Zainab’s parents in their words.

They emphasized that along with the increase in the capacity of law enforcement agencies, everyone in the society should also have a close look around us. We must consider others’ grief as our own.

Syed Raza Ali Gilani said that the government will go to any extent to make the criminals face the music. Law enforcement agencies are clearly instructed to stand against the oppressors and help the oppressed. He said that people involved in such criminal activities should be severely punished.

The provincial minister said that we all are in grief due to the most tragic incident in Kasur. He said that while sitting here in the ceremony physically, I am still in Kasur mentally and hoping that the criminals will be arrested as soon as possible.

Participants of the Mushaira expressed the commitment that everyone will play his part for the promotion of Peace, Tolerance and Harmony in the society through promoting knowledge, positing thinking and awareness.

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