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Zainab’s Murder has stirred the nation’s soul : Moonis Elahi

Lahore : The rape & murder of an innocent 7 year old Zainab in Kasur has stirred the nation’s soul.

A government that so miserably fails to protect innocent citizens has no moral grounds to remain in power. PML-N let go the shocking 2015 Kasur sex scandal culprits to oblige the criminals’ powerful political patrons.

Shahbaz Sharif has squandered billions of rupees in the Safe City scam & the result is an overall 85% increase in crimes with a 36% increase in child sexual abuse & murder cases in Punjab.

Moonis Elahi, Central Leader Pakistan Muslim League, made these comments today during a telephonic conversation with Sardar Waqas Hassan Mokal, PML MPA from Kasur.

Moonis rang up the Kasur legislator to express his solidarity & complete PML support to the people of Kasur against the PML-N highhandedness.

During the conversation, Moonis Elahi lashed out at the Shehbaz government’s failure in protecting the citizens’ lives & strongly condemned the role of a trigger-happy Punjab police in killing harmless protesters.

He dubbed yesterday’s Kasur Police shooting at the protesting crowd a sequel to the Model Town massacre.

Accusing Shahbaz Sharif & Rana Sanaullah of helping the politically influential criminals accused in the 2015 Kasur child abuse scandal through a weak police investigation, Moonis Elahi put the entire responsibility of the little girl Zainab’s rape & murder on these two.

Critical of the shocking increase in Punjab crime rate in recent years, Moonis Elahi said that had PML-N been truly sincere to the public woes & learnt a lesson from the past it would have immediately revisited its entire law enforcement strategies instead of squandering billions of rupees on purely cosmetic & futile steps like the change of police uniform, establishment of Dolphin Force, installation of faulty surveillance cameras etc.

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