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The murderer of Zainab should be hanged publicly : Ch Shujaat Hussain

Lahore : Former Prime Minister Ch Shujat Hussain has said that verbal statement mongering on molestation of innocent Zainab in Kasur nothing will happen, like Pappu case of Zia ul Haq tenure those committing such heinous crimes should be hanged publicly and legislation should be done for setting up of special courts like the army courts.

In a statement issued here today (Thursday), he said hat culprit of Pappoo case was hanged publicly and General Ziaul Haq had had ordered that that the body be kept hanging till sets downing of the sun so that the people should have “ibrat” and because of this such incident had not occurred afterwards for many years.

Ch Shujaat Hussain further said that all remember the holi of blood which was played in Model Town, after this tragedy Ch Parvez Elahi was first to reach Minhaj ul Quran, he had told me how brutally blood of innocents including pregnant woman and girls students was shed, policemen entered the house with their shoes on and committed blasphemy of the Siparas of the Holy Quran and when they were asked not to do that, they had also fired bullets on women, this is the reason that after this tragedy I had also demanded setting of special courts for hearing such heinous cases like this so that barbaric, merciless and oppressive accused be hanged publicly “If the rulers had heeded to my suggestion then numerous boys and girls as well innocent people would have been saved from becoming victims of such barbaric culprits.

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