Tuesday , May 26 2020
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Supreme Court upheld LHC decision to dismiss Hudaybia case

Lahore : Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal of NAB to reopen the Hudaybia paper mills case .

The Court in its brief verdicts that NAB has failed to justify that Hudaybia case should be reopen after a few years. 

A detail judgement would be issued later.

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that verdict of the Supreme Court has endorsed our stance based on truth and justice.

He said that this judgment is a victory for justice and truth and I bow my head before Almighty Allah in gratitude. Today is the most important day of my political life and the allegations hurdled on me have proved false and baseless as a result of SCP verdict.

The time has come that all the political parties and their workers should set aside the traditional politics of weakening each other and utilize their energies for national development and changing lives of the disfranchised segments of the society, concluded the Chief Minister.

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