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PFA seals fake honey unit, discards 2000kg fake honey

Lahore : Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has sealed a honey unit for producing fake honey and made honeycombs with the help of sugar syrup, glucose and plaster of Paris here on Tuesday. While, PFA has discarded 2000 kilograms substandard honey during raid.

Director General PFA Noor ul Amin Mengal said that food safety team has raided on the production area of Aziz Ullah Honey on the tipoff of vigilance cell. He said that PFA has caught red-handed workers who were busy in the preparing fake honey by using sugar syrup and glucose. He has informed that honeycombs were also prepared with the help of foam and plaster of paris which have kept in honey buckets and drums in order to show the fresh honey.

He said that culprit has put behind the bar after lodged FIR against factory owner for producing fake honey, honeycomb and deceived citizen in the Nulakha Police Station. He said that consumption of honey mostly increased in winter season and used for children as a food / medicine to save them from several diseases.

Mengal said that PFA has been sent honey samples for laboratory test after collecting from all honey companies whereas waiting for result report. PFA will soon release a list of authentic and standard honey companies that will help citizen to identify the fake honey manufacturers who are selling their products by deceiving to consumers in the name of fresh and original honey.

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