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Siraj ul Haq gives reception to elders from tribal areas

Lahore : Ameer, Jamaat e Islami Pakistan, Senator Siraj ul Haq, has said that the only option before the government was to merge FATA with the Khyber P. and if it tried to impose any other solution, the people of tribal areas would not accept that .

Speaking at a reception hosted by him at Mansoora for the advisors and elders from tribal areas on Thursday, Sirajul Haq said that for the last seventy years, FATA had been a land without any constitution but now the government would have to give it a constitution. He also demanded representation for FATA in the national and the provincial assemblies.

The JI chief said the rulers were afraid that if FATA was merged into Khyber P. Afghanistan and India would be offended. He posed a question if the rulers in Islamabad would now make decisions on the wishes of India or Afghanistan.

He said the people of tribal areas were not free even to cry. He said so far, there was no judicial, educational or economic system in FATA. There were no courts to dispense justice. The Political Agent was the undeclared ruler of tribal agencies and corruption was rampant. He said that if someone was posted Tehsil Dar in tribal area, he entered his job on a motor cycle but when he was posted out two or three years later, he drove away in a land cruiser.

He said that the tribal people were equal citizens of the country but they were being denied their rights.

There was no university r medical college in FATA and the literacy rate among the women in FATA was hardly three per cent.

He said there was mass illiteracy, unemployment and poverty which provided the enemy agents like Raymond Davis and Kalboshan an opportunity to enter and carry out terrorist and subversive activities.

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