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PFA starts crackdown against substandard honey manufacturers

Lahore : Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Wednesday started crackdown against adulterated honey processors after completing the notice period deadline in across the Punjab. Whereas, PFA has charged heavy fine on four honey manufacturers over not following PFA’s food Standard Operating Procedures.

In Lahore, crackdown was carried out under the supervision of Director General PFA Noor ul Amin Mengal along with Food Safety Officers. PFA circulated notice to all honey manufactures under PFA Act 2011 section 2(b) to adopt Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for honey processing by November 9, 2017.

As per details, PFA checked 17 honey processing companies in different cities of Punjab, among them 4 were penalized and 13 were issued warning notice. Fine was imposed for using blue chemical drums, improper cleanliness arrangements and over practice of non-standard packing material.

DG said that PFA has imposed fine tickets of Rs 0.5 million on famous honey processors in Kot Lakhpat area over presence of insects in packing area. He said that after completion of the notice period PFA have taken action against them throughout the province.

He said that consumption of honey is increased in winter season and some adulterators started selling adulterators honey to make fool of people. DG said in the 1st phase, we are just issuing fine tickets while in next phase PFA will seal the premises in case of not following food standers and mainlining quality up to the mark. PFA will not compromise on the quality of the honey that is being manufactured in various processing units province wise, DG said.

On the hand, PFA has also imposed fine of Rs 49500 on 13 eateries in Lahore and Kasur districts over proved improper cleanliness arrangements and for not following PFA’s rules and regulations during raid. PFA have also served warning notices to dozen of food points and production units for not conforming to PFA instructions.

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