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Parents Committee holds protest against fee hike

Lahore : A Protest was demonstrated against an illegal fee hike and declining quality of education by private schools of Punjab in front of Lahore Press Club Lahore with a joint effort of Parents action committee and Civil Society Network, where a large number of parents and civil society participated.

Private schools are used to increase their fee with illogical supports of various self-driven reasons.

Parents of the children studying in private schools are worried about education/future of their children because of the reason that education has become so expensive in Pakistan.

President of Parents Action Committee (PAC), Muhammad Ayub mentioned during his speech that education is a basic right of every child in Pakistan age between 5 to 16 years, but practically government is a failure to provide such basic/legal rights to Pakistani children.

He also mentioned that the state bank of Pakistan reported recently that education expense raised to 153% unfortunately.

General Secretary of PAC Sajeel Usmani while speaking to the people, denied to accept this illegal fee hike and demanded the followings from the government of the Punjab.

Abdullah Malik president of Civil Society Network of Punjab also spoke with the people and condemned strongly the illegal fee hike by private school’s management. Such brutal steps of schools are not only economical murder of parents but also fall under anti-educational move: he mentioned.

A quality education is a basic right of Pakistani children but government look like helpless in front of this mafia. Civil Society fully support demands of the parents mentioned by PAC and warn schools to take their illegal fee hike back at their urgent, otherwise, protest will be continued even in front of every branch of a school.

Participants were carrying various slogans against school mafia and government on banners and play cards in their hands.

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