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Zulfiqar Khosa takes time to leave PML-N

Lahore : Sardar Zulfiqar Khan Khosa has taken time to end his 35 years old partnership with PML-N today at last moment after former president Asif Zardari’s offer to join PPP.Who visited Khosa House on a planned tour.

Zulfiqar Khosa who was being neglected by the party president Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for more than 5 years , expected to announce his joining to PPP after the conditional visit of PPP co-chairman.

Asif Zardari came there with top leaders of PPP Punjab and invite Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa as per understanding but Khosa tribe chief could not made announcement and said it was an honour to me that PPP chief visited my house and invited me to join PPP but I am not in position to take decision alone so please give me some time for discussion with friends then I would be able to make any announcement.

Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa is still senator on PML-N’s ticket and his tenure will be completing in March 2018 .
Pakistan Peoples Party’s senior leader Faryal Talpur had contacted the Khosa family offering them to join PPP years back in 2012 as their rifts with Shahbaz Sharif surfaced.
Sardar Zulfiqar Khan Khosa and his son Dost Muhammad Khosa demanded a major role in South Punjab especially in DG Khan Division.
Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa submitted his resignation from the slot of senior advisor to the Punjab chief minister, from having a seat of the Senate and from the party’s membership over differences with party policies and the Punjab chief minister. And later, he resigned from his party post, but Nawaz Sharif retained his basic membership.

Sardar Zulfiqar Khan Khosa was offended by the Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and his son Dosat Muhammad Khosa was unhappy with the attitude of Hamza Shahbaz.

The elder Khosa and his three sons, MNA Sardar Saifuddin Khosa and MPAs Sardar Dost Muhammad and Sardar Hassamuddin Khan Khosa, were under the media spotlight for the past couple of years regarding many scandals – which convinced Zulfiqar that Shahbaz and his group, including Senator Pervaiz Rashid and MNA Kh Saad Rafiq, were organizing a campaign against them.

Dost Muhammad, was implicated in a murder case of his wife Sapna, not giving back the furniture of his official residence and accused of corruption.

Zulfiqar Khosa sought action against those who were maligning his family and tarnishing their name but Nawaz Sharif had not taken any action to calm down his trustworthy fellow who stood firmly in Pakistan against the dictatorship of Musharraf in his exile.

Dost Muhammad Khosa who served as interim chief minister Punjab when Shahbaz Sharif was fighting his disqualification case in courts , also resigned from PML-N’s basic party membership in 2013.

Dost Muhammad Khosa had lashed out against the PML-N leadership and had claimed that he was made a target of ‘character assassination’ and a case was forged against him to hide another case.
Zulfiqar Khosa was the first PML-N leader who criticized Shahbaz Sharif on having 20 ministries, “what would the standard be of a party where a single person holds 20 ministries”.

Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa was born on October 20, 1935 in DG Khan. He got his primary education from Queen Marry’s College, Lahore during 1941-46, and from Chief’s (Aitchison) College, Lahore during 1946-54.
He is the 21st recognized Chief of the Khosa tribe, a Baloch tribe spread out in the Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh. He has three sons and his youngest son, Sardar Dost Muhammad Khan Khosa served as the Chief Minister, Punjab.

Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa was first elected as Member, West Pakistan Assembly in 1962 at the age of 26 years, being the youngest member in the House. He also remained Member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab for nine undefeated consecutive times, which is a record in itself.

He has served the Province as Minister holding the portfolios of Education, Irrigation & Power, C&W, Finance, P&D, Local Government & Rural Development, Senior Minister and Senior Advisor.

He has also served as Governor of the Province till the imposition of Martial Law on 12th October 1999. He has extensively traveled abroad. He takes interest in Cricket, Hockey, Athletics and was also college team captain. Swimming and horse riding, reading and driving are his favorite past times.

January 2014 , Zulfiqar Khosa married the granddaughter of Nawab of Kalat at the age of around 79 years which was laughed at by Shahbaz Sharif whereas he condemned the series of marriages of CM Punjab without naming him.
Khosa was close to the Sharif brothers during their last term in the Punjab, from 2008 to 2013. He was a senior adviser to Shahbaz Sharif, the chief minister, and was in charge of the chief minister’s office located at 90 The Mall.

The relationship became strained in 2012 after Khosa opposed his first cousin Sardar Amjad Khan Khosa’s joining the PML-N, but Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and MNA Rana Tanveer were able to convince the Sharifs to overlook Zulfiqar Khosa’s objections. Later, his son Dost Muhammad Khosa spoke against Shahbaz Sharif, which made matters worse. Right before the election his son Saifuddin Khan Khosa joined PPP. He also resisted the joining of Leghari group who was his political rival in home town.

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