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Iranian Consul General Majid Sadeghi visits Mansoora

Lahore : The Counsel General of Iran in the Punjab capital, Majid Sadeghi Dowlatabadi, called on the Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, at Mansoora on Monday and discussed with him the relations between the two countries besides the situation in the region.

The JI chief said on the occasion that all the Muslim countries in South Asia including Iran and Pakistan were facing serious threats which could only be countered through mutual unity and cooperation.

He said the Satanic forces had always desired to pit brothers against brothers but all the Muslim countries should strive to end the misgivings and differences among themselves.

Sirajul Haq further said that the JI was an ideological party and the unity of the Ummah was its religious foundation, and it would continue to do its best in this direction. He said that all the countries of the region would have to make joint efforts to wipe out tyranny and aggression.

The Iranian Consul General said on the occasion that he would try to discharge his duties in the best possible manner and to strengthen the ties between Iran and Pakistan.

He further said that the Muslim world’s policies towards the US were not changed with the change of faces in the US. He said his country had successfully faced all the challenges in the past and would do so even in the days ahead.

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