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HRCP calls for immediate release of Turkish family

Lahore : The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has called for the immediate release of Kacmaz’s family, ex-director of Pak-Turk school, including two young daughters, who were abducted in Lahore today.

The family had been residing in Pakistan for a year, on UNHCR asylum seeker certificate, allowing them to stay in Pakistan till November, 2017.

The family was picked up by over 20 armed people, including some women who were in plain clothes. The family was roughed-up, hooded, handcuffed and taken in a wagon. They were taken to a well furnished house where several other interrogators were also present. A Turkish neighbor Mr Fateh who protested was also picked-up but later released. He witnessed the entire episode including the abduction and brutality meted out to the Kacmaz family.

HRCP urges the government to immediately release the Kacmaz family and desist from deporting them; as there are credible reports of other Turkish educationists being arrested upon their arrival in Turkey and their subsequent torture.

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