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Tomato will be out of reach to the commoners for next 20 days

Lahore : Spokesman of Marketing Wing Agriculture Department said that tomato prices raised in local market due to decay of crop in Balochistan.

He said that new production of tomatoes from KPK will arrive into market within 20 days and tomato prices will be lessened.

Onion supply is right know coming from Balochistan and Sindh and it will be further lessened day by day. Due to fluctuation in prices, some merchants are making hay illegally but District Governments under the supervision of Deputy Commissioners are now taking action against these merchants under the law.

Government high priority is to maintain demand and supply gap of fruits and vegetables in local market. Pakistan has been facing serious problem regarding tomatoes supply for many years.  Government has to spent her money and public has to pay high tomatoes prices at the same time, for these reasons our tomato cultivators discouraged.

Now, Government has introduced a policy to maintain supply and demand gap regarding tomatoes and other provinces also informed about it. Tomatoes prices remained stable till Eid-ul-Azha but due to heavy rainfall, tomatoes crop in Balochistan and Sindh adversely affected.

Moreover, due to climate adversity, tomatoes Crop from KPK is not being marketed timely.

Keeping in view this aggravated situation, Government imported tomatoes from Iran and Afghanistan to bridge the gap between demand and supply of tomato crop.

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