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Azadi Train continues spreading colours of national life

Lahore : Azadi Train exhibiting different aspect of the national life on the second day of its travel. The train had floats and galleries which exhibited different aspect of the national life as well as the history of the independence movement.

Azadi Train was launched in connection with the independence celebrations .

Minister of State for Information,Broadcasting and National Heritage Maryam Orangzeb inaugurated the train on Saturday, at Margalla Station, ISlamabad. She said that it would depict national heritage, culture, civilization and the strides that the country had taken towards development during the last four years.

Maryam Orangzeb paid rich tribute to Minister for Railway Kh
Saad Rafiq for resurrecting Railways through his untiring efforts .

She revealed that the Pakistan Railways had purchased new 4000 horse power engines which would be used for freight traffic.

Explaining the construct of the train she revealed that the most prominent gallery on the train pertained to the tribute paid to the sacrifices rendered by the armed forces and the law enforcing agencies, which had been built with the cooperation of ISPR; another gallery pays tributes to women performing duties in law enforcing agencies and the armed forces; yet another gallery depicts Indian atrocities on the people of Kashmir and brazen violation of human rights; yet another gallery showcases national heritage and culture and tributes to Abdul Sattar Edhi have also been showcased; another gallery presents pictorial history of Pakistan movement and the sacrifices rendered by the leaders of the movement to achieve the separate homeland for the Muslims of the sub-continent as well as a float concerning the CPEC which was the gift of the former prime minister for the people of the region.

She advised the parents to take their children to have a glimpse
of the Azadi Train so that they could understand the journey that had to be traversed for winning freedom, particularly the role played by Quad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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