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Jhelum welcomes Nawaz Sharif like never before

Lahore : Nawaz Sharif rally was warmly welcomed at Jhelum,it looked like that the whole city came to receive their leader.

The people change the color of Nawaz Sharif vehicle to red from black by showering rose petals . Sky touching slogans of “I love you Nawaz Sharif ” made the former prime minister jubilant and he replied in the same manner.

Thousands of people were gathered there only to see a glimpse of their leader who bashed the judiciary in his speech saying that everyone knew that how judiciary trialed the dictator Musharraf ? This was the judiciary who kicked out elected prime minister for not taking money from his son company but certified the dictator era.

Nawaz Sharif said was there any judge who could give sentence to dictator Musharraf for suspending constitution ,Musharraf was the accused of article 6 but judiciary could not punish him,they only can sentence politicians who got mandate from people.

The crowd said sky touching no when Nawaz Sharif questioned them ” Will you accept that 5 honourable judges disregarded the ballot and disqualified an elected prime minister ? ” .

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