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45 people injured in Outfall Road Truck blast

Lahore : Atleast 45 people have injured in Outfall Road Truck Blast near Sagian Bridge. A multi storey building also collapsed due to the heavy blast.

The truck was loaded with explosive claiming to hit the former prime minister rally supposed to pass by Band Road on Sunday.

It was claimed that truck was parked since sunday but no security agency checked it despite red security in the metropolis.

Rescue 1122 spokesman has said 45 people injured in the blast,19 were taken to Mayo Hospital and 26 to Mian Munshi Hospital.All the injured stated out of danger.

The spokesman of the Punjab government has said that injured of the Out Fall Road incident are being provided best treatment facilities in the hospitals.

On the direction of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Provincial Minister as well as the Secretary Health are personally supervising the healthcare facilities being provided to the injured.

The spokesman said that Rescue 1122 and other agencies immediately rushed to the venue of the incident, took part in aid activities and transferred the injured to hospitals well in the time. The spokesman said that doctors, nurses and paramedical staff are taking care of the injured in the hospitals.

Due to the prompt response of concerned departments of the Punjab government, the injured were transferred to the hospitals as early as possible.

The spokesman further said that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is still in contact with concerned departments and agencies.

Total Victims Mian Munshi 26.
All Victims self Shifted.
Normal Injured.

Mian Munshi Hospital

1-Tahir s/o Raheem.Age 45.
2-Ajmal s/o Waseem Age.22.
3.Sajid s/o Unknown Age 23.
4.Naeem s/o Rashid Age 43.
5.Shameem D/o Shahid 26.
6.Abida W/o Imran Age 30.
7.Rizwan s/o Manzor Age 18.
8.Sirtaj s/o Umeer Age 30.
9.Iftikhar s/o Nisar Age 20.
10.Waris s/o.Ismail Age 42.
11.Rashid s/o Sadiq Age 45.
12.Irfan s/o Arshad Age 24.
13.Sajid s/o Abdul Majeed Age 18.
14.Anil Masi s/o Zia Masi. Age 24.
15.Akram s/o Nor muhamad Age 45.
16.Sajjad S/o Rashid Age 35.
17.Javid s/o Ikram Age 17.
18.Sajan s/o Saddiq Age 25.
19.Iftikhr s/o Ramzan Age 40.
20.Munir s/o Allah dita Age 36.
21.Farooq s/o Unknown Age 16.
22.Asif s/o Ali Age 17.
23.Arrham s/o Imran Age 16.
24.Hameeda w/o Noor Age 45.
25.Asgher s/o Basheer Age 20.
26.Safdar s/o Manzor Age 18.

Lahore Mayo Hospital

1.Jamil s/o Nawab Age 48.

2-Ali s/o Jamil Age 10.

3-Perveiz S/o Rashied Age 40.

4-Zain s/o Shakeel Age 19 .

5.Hifza D/O safdar Age 16.

6.Maryem D/O

7.Rubina w/o Babar Age 35

8.Sitara D/o Yousaf Age 15.

9.Anum D/o Khalid Age 25.

10.Aliza D/o Amir Age 15.

11.Adeela D/o Mubariq Age 20.

12.Perviez s/o Ali Age 45.

13.Shaar Ali s/o M. Saadiqe Age 40.

14.Hafiz s/o Imtiaz Age 19.
15.Ashiq s/o Iqbal Age 40.
16.Iftikhar s/o Niamat Age 19.
17.Usman s/o Liuaqat Age 23.
18.Babar s/o Sabir Age 40.
19.Dilshad s/o Unknown. AGE 16

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