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2018 polls will wipe out the plunderers : Shahbaz Sharif

Lahore : Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that those who hold new jugglery daily and are trying to bring bad luck to the people should mend their ways as efforts had been made in the past to damage development process in the country through sit-ins, lockdown, civil disobedience and protests, but the common man distanced himself from politics of violence and protest and foiled negative designs of such elements from general elections to by elections and local government elections.

He said it is unfortunate that Niazi sahib has not learnt any lesson from repeated defeats in the past and the history book will record the name of Niazi sahib among those who conspired against development and prosperity in the country.

He expressed these views while talking to Members Assembly, here today.

Shahbaz Sharif said that opponents are afraid of rapid development and progress in the country and the people are annoyed with the show of these elements, which should stop playing with the fate of the people of Pakistan and let the country progress.

He said that political performers who had looted the national resources are also supporting the sit-in group. He said Niazi sahib should look around and he will see those who have got hefty loans written off and land grabbers.

He said that the person responsible for the criminal delay in Nandipur Power Project due to loot and plunder has taken refuge in accountability party, adding one party gave shadows of darkness to the country due to its corruption and the second party obstructed power projects through protests.

He said that the main objective of those leveling allegations against the elected leadership of the people is to hinder the development process in the country. He said opponents of the progress should realize that every trick of their negative politics has failed.

He said that father of a political child has broken all records of corruption in the country and every day of the former rulers had dawned with a new scandal of corruption for the poor nation. He said those got loans of billions of rupees written off and now pretend to be aristocrats should also be brought to justice because writing off loans is also a crime and indiscriminate accountability of all those should be carried out who are involved in the loot of national resources.

He said that baseless allegations leveled against the leadership of the PML-N have not even a remotest link with the reality and stories of lies have been fabricated by the liar politicians.

He said our opponents are afraid of four years successful period of PML-N government and they are frightened that elimination of load shedding by PML-N government will end their politics.

He said that politics of those who damaged national economy will be wiped out in 2018 elections. He said that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has put the country on the road to progress and prosperity but those leveling baseless allegations want to upset this process. People will not be hoodwinked by these juggler politicians, he added.

He said that PML-N government will continue implementing its manifesto of public service. Those who met the Chief Minister include MNAs Parvaiz Malik, Asad ur Rehman, Khalid Javed Warriach and MPA Mehmood Qadir Khan.

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