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Focal persons to reduce the drug addiction in universities and colleges : Syed Raza Ali Gillani

Lahore : Minister for Higher Education Syed Raza Ali Gillani has said that role of focal person on drugs in educational institution very important to reduce the drug addiction in universities and colleges, Teacher can play vital role in reforming and strengthening the education system of our society and different communities but teacher can do more against drug addiction. He was addressing on Thursday on Role of Focal Person on Drugs Abuse Prevention in educational institutions at Children Library.

The program organized by The Drug Advisory Training Hub a project of Youth Council for Anti Narcotics (YOCFAN) in collaboration with Education Department Punjab. Syed Zulfiqar Hussain, Consultant, Anti Drug/Narcotics Campaign, Prof. Akhyar from GC University, M. Naseem Khan from UMT and Prof. Shahnaz Sattar also spoke on the occasion.

Syed Zulfiqar Hussain, Consultant, Anti Drug/Narcotics Campaign said that focal persons will be responsible to educate the targeted teacher in this Awareness program by strengthening their positive behaviors for children and also focal person should establish an effective four member committee involving two potential students and one teacher. So they develop and strengthen by connecting with other students in the education institutions and also with government institutions to make it more effectual and result oriented. He further said that new trend of drug addiction Ice crystal, coca, heroin and crack rise in young generation especially in upper class. He said that by involving International organization we can minimize the extensive drugs and its worst form of addiction in at community people are dependent to different forms substance in Pakistan including Alcohol, Naswar, Gutka etc… many drugs which are commonly used at street level have not been mentioned in the UNODC report, 2013. Charas and Alcohol drugs are most likely used by young generation. Both of these drugs are easily available in different communities of our society. 

Mr. Hussain said that the Strengthening Drug Demand Reduction Services in Pakistan program is unique and informative program of its own kinds not only in Pakistan but also in South Asian Region to generate the essential awareness among youth, students, women and people having risky behavior. This program is also particularly effective among the family members are drug addicts. Its main rationale is to carry out this program in comprehensive and preside manner to create necessary awareness among the people of ten different clusters Ghari Shau, Old city, Shahdra, Rachna Town, Immia Colony, China Scheme, Bagbanpura, Walton area, Nashtar Town and Shadbagh  in the city of Lahore. He added further stated that there is no comprehensive policy for prevention and treatment side on national and provincial level. No protocol for children also.

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