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Promotions of doctors delayed due to litigation : Spokesman

Lahore :   A spokesman of Punjab Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department , while responding to the issues raised by the YDA, has said that all the clauses of service structure 2012 of doctors have already been implemented.

Moreover the promotions of doctors from grade 18 to 19 are delayed due to litigation of different groups of the doctors. He said that in the past few hundred doctors were inducted in different specialties for FCPS on paid slots, whereas, Specialized Healthcare Department has recently inducted more than 2000 doctors in two phases in different specialties on paid slots under Punjab Residency Programme.

The spokesman said that the PRP is based on merit and transparency and all decisions are being taken purely on merit basis for the strengthening of the system and to provide best health facilities to the people. Present system is free from nepotism, “Sifarish”, pressure and negative tactics.

The spokesman rejected the propaganda regarding the privatization of the hospitals and said that no hospital is being privatized. He said that ten thousands rupees risk allowance is being given to the doctors on monthly basis and draft law of Punjab Healthcare Institution Protection Act 2017 has been sent to Punjab Law Department  for legislation. He said that this Act would be provided foolproof security to the hospitals and specialized institutions.

The Spokesman further said that those of Health Department are equally opened for doctors, nurses and all the allied health professionals and government is working for the welfare of all the stakeholders of health sector and billions of rupees are being spent for healthcare development.

The spokesman categorically said that “patients first” policy has been adopted by the government and all efforts are being made to implement on it for which all the stakeholders have to work together with hard working, dedication and professional zeal.

The spokesman said that all resources are being utilized for strengthening of healthcare delivery system and to provide quality medical facilities to the people of Punjab, for which a number of reforms are introduced and the real target is to bring relief for the people.

The spokesman further said that need-based induction for PG ship is being carried out. He said that more opportunities and encouragement has been given to the doctors for FCPS induction in those specialties in which the hospitals are facing shortage.

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