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Shahbaz Sharif new name is “Drama Sharif” : Imran Khan

Lahore : PTI chairman Imran Khan has changed the name of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to “Drama Sharif” after failing to end loadshedding in four years whereas he said his name would be changed if he fail to end loadshedding in six months.

Before announcing the new name of Punjab Chief Minister in a crowded jalsa here at Sargodha, a few clips of Shahbaz Sharif were shown regarding ending of loadshedding.

Imran Khan said as the Shahbaz Sharif himself claimed to change his name if he remain unsuccessful to end energy crisis in six months , so he is announcing his new name.

Imran Khan lashed PM Nawaz Sharif on Panama Leaks and said he should resign before a grade 17 officer start investigation him regarding money trail.He declared him a liar and said Qatari letter  was proved a waste in court trial,Nawaz Sharif also spoke lie regarding his exile and Panama Leaks, how could a liar be our prime minister ? he questioned.

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