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Pakistan’s Ambassador to US Aizaz Ch met Congressman

Lahore : Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Aizaz Chaudhary met US Congressman Ted Lieu and exchanged views on Pak-US relations and issues of mutual interests.

Ambassador Chaudhry told the Congressman Lieu, who is a member of House Committee on Foreign Affairs that the security and economic situation had improved tremendously in Pakistan as a result of the prudent government policies.

He said Pakistan’s economy was on an upward trajectory and set to achieve 5 per cent growth this financial year, with economic indicators showing positive trends. He particularly mentioned the new investment opportunities opening up in Pakistan as a result of boost in economic activities.

The ambassador stated that the government was taking all measures to facilitate foreign investors to make investment in Pakistan which would be win-win situation for all. In this regard, he noted that international donor and financial agencies had acknowledged the progress made by Pakistan in the economic sphere.

Ambassador Chaudhry and the Congressman had a productive exchange of views on bilateral relations and regional issues. The Congressman was informed about the committed efforts made by the government to root out the menace of terrorism from the country.

He stated that the military operation was successful in eliminating terrorist’s hideouts and they were on the run.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Chaudhary also met the leading Pakistan-American women entrepreneurs and professionals in community and humanitarian work in Los Angles. He appreciated the role played by them supporting community and humanitarian work.

Ambassador Chaudhry said that women in Pakistan were playing pro-active role in myriad fields. He stated that Pakistan had a target to involve 45% participation of women in economy by 2025.

He encouraged them to explore opportunities of business in Pakistan where women entrepreneurs were running many successful business ventures and making significant contribution to the overall economy.

The ambassador also informed the gathering that the government was fully appreciative of the role being played by the overseas Pakistanis in helping their motherland. He urged them to continue to work to promote the soft image of Pakistan and portray the country as a welfare state.

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