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1.15 Lakh laptops to be distributed : Shahbaz Sharif

Lahore : Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that we have provided all-out resources to empower our youth and has distributed 03 Lakh 10 thousand Laptops before at immaculate legitimacy premise while 01 Lakh 15 thousand to be distributed now among talented students in the 4th phase.

He expressed these thoughts at a ceremony of 4th Phase of Laptop Distribution held at AIWAN-e-IQBAL today.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that opponents of public welfare projects are tantamount of opposing country’s development and prosperity as Elites don’t want the fate of poor’s to be changed for better. Likewise, remaining indifferent from the needs of under-privileged children they only want best education facilities for their own children so they could excel well in their career ending up as Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers Judges and Generals whereas talent of children of poor’s to be wasted in the dust of streets. It won’t happen now in Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam and Iqbal as I have vowed to deliver best higher education facilities to every children of the province and will give all-out resources in this regard.

Those criticizing and hurdling Public Welfare projects include Niazi Sahib at one hand who has blamed me that I offered him 10 Billion at Dubai and at other side its Zardari Sahib who has pushed the country towards Energy Crises and now he claims that CPEC project is at his credit but we just want to ask one thing that if Chinese Government was trusting Zardari Sahib that much why a shrewd person like him forget to lay the foundation stone of Gwadar port at that time.

Infact, PM Nawaz Sharif visit to China by 09 July 2013 was the initiating point for CPEC and today whole Pakistan is cherishing it as numerous development projects has been installed under it till now. PM will inaugurate 1320MW Coal Power Project in Sahiwal next month. He said that Niazi Sahib has blamed me that I offered him 10 billion through a friend which is a total lie and he is setting records of impeachment and negative politics.

He said that he will look for legitimate guide against this habitual pettiness of Niazi Sahib.

Congratulating the winner students who have achieved Laptops, CM said that they definitely have burnt mid-night oil and worked honestly. He said that Punjab has promoted merit culture denying all bamboozling and boti-mafia. He said that merit and CHO LO ASMAAN are two wheels of same vehicles that is why we are giving you most recent tablets with the goal that you can convey eminence to Pakistan by making best utilization of this innovation. He said that he dismisses the proposal of.

He said that he rejected the suggestion of giving old laptops to students because I want them to equip with latest trend so we are providing them I-7 Laptops of Dell Company. Only students of Punjab are not beneficiaries of this scheme but children from all units of Pakistan will cherish though it, he shared.

CM added that when he initiated this scheme back in 2011, foes tried to malign it by blaming that I am trying to purchase their votes but our good intentions prevailed as we think that laptops look much better in the hands of youth rather than guns as guns bring extremism in country whereas laptops by introducing technology friendly environment makes country move further on the road of prosperity.

He said that attendance of teacher and students are ensured in Punjab by providing them with 50 thousand Tablets. Kisan Package of Rs. 100 billion is being executed by latest technology also system of 700 Police stations being computerized for smooth flow of official dealings. All this was made conceivable due to the steps taken by government to promote information technology and we are determined to provide every child with latest and quality education and today the students from less-privileged families are acquiring higher education in international universities at government expenses.

He said that PEEF is making the dreams of Haseeb and Zulekha and thousand other like them come true. He said that people who are indulged in power-lust have no preference for Public interest and they have criticized   Orange Line Train and Metro Bus because they don’t want general masses to enjoy a comfortable and economic ride. Those evil minded people have tried to make it controversial by saying that it will damage national heritage buildings but we have submitted experts report to Supreme Court which will nullify all these blames.

He said that national resources were plundered ruthlessly by leaders in Past but we have put country on the path of progress and prosperity under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif. He said that days of politics based on baseless allegations are numbered as sensible people now know that who have served them truly.

PEEF scholars while expressing their views at the ceremony said that they pay tribute to CM Shahbaz Sharif for his revolutionary steps in the field of education. Provincial Ministers Raza Ali Gillani, Dr. Ayesha Ghaus Pasha, Special Assistant Malik Mohammad Ahmed, Vice Chairman Punjab Educational Endowment Fund, Chief Secretary, Parliamentarians, Vice Chancellors, Teachers, parents and large number of students attending the event. CM also distributed laptops among students.

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