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Mid-Career Management course participants visit Railways HQ

Lahore : CEO Railways welcomed the participants of 25th Mid-Career Management course from National Institute of Management Peshawar who visited Pakistan Railways today on a study tour.

An interactive session of Question and Answers was carried out after a detailed presentation on turnaround of Pakistan Railways. Participants were told a brief history of 11881 km long rail track that runs across the country.

Pakistan Railways that earned only Rs 15.5 billion in year
2011-12 against the target of 20 billion set by the government, last year closed on 36.5 billion against the target of 32 billion and this year it is likely to close on Rs 40 billion which is a big leap. This increase in revenue was gift of policy making team that changed the approach of organization and moved forward with agreements on freight, like the land mark agreement with Maple leaf cement in 2014, where 750 million was deposited in  Railway’s kitty in advance moreover the outsourcing of passenger trains lessened the burden of Pakistan Railways and brought overall prosperity, a classic example of revenue generation from outsourcing is newly signed contract of Shalimar Train that used to give Rs 66 million per annum and is now outsourced on Rs 180 million.

The participants were told about the change in organizational culture, political noninterference, team building, public private partnership and other such avenues explored to make PR a success story. Futuristic approach of Railways in accordance with CPEC was interesting to know as it includes up gradation of infrastructure of all tracks, primarily ML 1 where up gradation has already started and will support speed of 160 km/ hour and modernization of signaling system.

Responding to a question put by a participant, CEO Railways said that we need to institutionalize this change otherwise the efforts of a dedicated team would go in vain. “I have confidence in my upcoming team and wish that in coming years also Railways thrive the way it has in the present era. A dedicated Minister and hardworking team is essential to such exemplary reversals, we are striving to leave the Railways in momentum for the upcoming team” he said.

Chief Instructor NIMS Peshawar Mirza Khalid Amin said that Pakistan Railways is a case study of change management, team building and leadership skills, its team under the supervision of incumbent Minister and CEO deserves applauds and recognition for the quality of work they are doing, it is an example for others departments to follow.

The chief instructor presented the shield on behalf of NIMS Peshawar to CEO Pakistan Railways.

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