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There is no need to take further action against Steve Smith and Virat Kohli : ICC

Lahore : The ICC has confirmed that no charges have been laid against any player under the ICC Code of Conduct following the second Test match between India and Australia in Bengaluru.

Specifically in relation to Steve Smith and Virat Kohli, the ICC has considered both incidents in the context of this match and concluded it will be taking no further action against either player.

ICC Chief Executive David Richardson said: “We have just witnessed a magnificent game of Test cricket where players from both teams gave their all and emotions were running high during and after the match.

“We would encourage both teams to focus their energies on the third Test in Ranchi next week. Ahead of that, the match referee will bring both Captains together to remind them of their responsibilities to the game.”

Cricket Australia rejected Virat Kohli’s cheating allegations against Steven Smith.
With tensions running high after Virat Kohli’s undisguised cheating allegations, Cricket Australia has hit back hard, labelling the suggestion of rorting of the Decision Review System (DRS) outrageous.
India captain Kohli claimed the visitors looked to their dressing room for guidance on whether to review decisions throughout the second Test, a tactic outlawed by the laws of the game.

Smith sent off by umpire for asking for review help,Coach Darren Lehmann and Cricket Australia chief James Sutherland vehemently rejected Kohli’s allegations of systematic cheating in the second Test, with the coach making it clear he believed Australia held the moral high ground after a series of bust-ups in Bangalore.

“I find the allegations questioning the integrity of Steve Smith, the Australian team and the dressing room, outrageous,” Mr Sutherland said, having been in the stands in Bangalore.

“We have every faith that there was no ill-intent in his [Smith’s] actions.

Kohli could potentially be booked by administrators for his press conference. David Warner was fined for “public criticism of, or inappropriate comment” in 2014, when he accused AB de Villiers of ball-tampering in a radio interview.
Virat Kohli had accused Steve Smith of cheating.the visitors had done the same throughout the match.”The umpires knew exactly what was going on,” Kohli said.

“They’ve been doing that for the last three days and it has to stop.

“I saw that happening two times when I was batting out there. I pointed it out to the umpires … that’s why I was adamant.

“There are lines you don’t cross on the cricket field.
A furious Kohli stormed across the pitch and approached Smith at the time.

The laws of the game dictate that players can’t receive any support from off the field while deciding whether to review an umpire’s decision.

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