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The 3rd convocation of Government Degree College for Women, Wapda Town, Lahore is held

Lahore : The 3rd convocation of Government Degree College for Women, Wapda Town, Lahore was held on Monday with higher education minister Syed Raza Ali Gillani in the chair.  During the convocation, 400 students of 2011-16 sessions were conferred graduation degrees by Mr. Raza Gillani. He also gave away seven gold medals, six silver medals and as many bronze medals to the shining students.

In his key-note address, the minister announced to raise the Government Degree College for Women, Wapda Town to postgraduate level to facilitate the suburban areas. He announced that post graduation classes would commence from this year to ensure continuity in education of students of this college.  He also announced to provide funds for the construction of ten new class rooms as well as a modern auditorium for holding the co-curricular activities.

Mr. Raza Gillani made a policy announcement that all degree-recipients would stand up as a mark of respect after the convocations to pay homage to their parents and teachers for providing necessary support in their education. He maintained that youth should not take education as a career-support but rather use it as a necessary tool for moving forward in the practical life. He said the students should have full grasp over their subjects to act as best agents of change in their respective fields. They should also continuously strive to improve their knowledge and use their intellectual ken for students’ composite development.

He said that CPEC symbolizes vibrant future of Pakistan, and added that Pakistan is emerging “Gulf” of South Asia where people would come from across the globe for employment.

Mr. Gillani  asked the students to remain beware of cultural invasion in wake of rising globalization as digital revolution has affected everybody,  and asked them to empower themselves with teachings of the Holly Quran and sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)  to sensitize  the global community about the vibrancy  of Islam  in the 21st century.  Muslim culture is our strong identity, he added. Through the successful holding of PSL, Pakistanis have again shown to the world that they are a vibrant nation who is not afraid of any sort of terrorism.

The minister told that refresher courses would be conducted thrice a year in the teachers training academies to be set up under the umbrella of higher education department in the province.

He said: “we have planned to provide best training to college teachers so that they could train their students according to needs of the job market.”  He also asked the media to fully safeguard the national interest as it has an important role in formation of public opinion.  We have numerous positive aspects around us to show to the world that Pakistan is a bastion of peace, harmony and peaceful co existence. Principal Prof. Farzana Faiz Gillani and Adeela Fatima also addressed the function. Later, the minister distributed medals among the students showing good performance in their exams.

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