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Pakistani boxers make their way to the world boxing records website

Lahore : Ten of the Pakistan Boxing Council boxers have made their way to the world boxing records website for the first time in nearly 40 years history of the country while PBC President Ifraz Khan Fazi has been included as a promoter.

This was informed by Senior Vice President of PBC Commander Muhammad Ali , who further said that the year gone by was of great achievements for PBC as the council not only organised several events in the country but also got international recognition.

He said that with the efforts of PBC secretary, Abdul Rasheed Baloch, the winners of the year’s PBC heavyweight bout Zulqarnain Khan, age 24, light flyweight Muzamil Usman, super bantamweight Nadir Baloch who won his fight at Gawadar, Mohib Ali in cruiserweight and Muhammad Aslam in welterweight have been tagged in the, a website which maintains the records of all the professional boxers and give them ratings according to their bouts.

He further stated that the losing boxers of these weight categories Naseebullah Agha, Bashir Ahmed, Rameez, Asadullah Hazir and Mohammad Ali respectively have also been given place in the list. These boxers will get the world rating with every fight they will have in the future endeavors.

Giving some back ground of the boxing activities, Rasheed Baloch informed that it has been for the first time in the history of Pakistan boxing that boxers in green who had their bouts in Pakistan have been listed among the world professionals. Last time it was in late 80s, when a boxing promoter and coach Abid Islam invited the then World Boxing Council President to Pakistan and arranged a bout of a Pakistan boxer with a Thai boxer. That event then cost Rs 10 million and only that Pakistani boxer got a place in the list of world boxers.

Besides, Pakistan’s other boxers like current champion Muhammad Waseem and former greats like Hussain Shah and Haider Ali, who played their fights out of country were listed in the world boxing from the countries they played their bouts. But these 10 boxers have after six months efforts of the council and its president Ifraz Khan were included by BoxRec in the rating list as debut boxers.

“All of these boxers have so far played one bout each and the winners have got quite a fruitful rating. Zulqarnain Khan, who won against Naseebullah have got 803 rank out of 1294 registered heavyweight boxers in the world.

“Aslam is ranked 1430 in 2201 registered boxers, Mohib is ranked 804 from 1231 registrants, Nadir is 805 from among 1244, and Muzamil is 295 from 489 registered boxers,” said Rasheed.

He further said that with just one bout these boxers have got recognition and if they had some more good bouts there is no doubt they will be ranked among the top 10 boxers of the world ranking. He further elaborated that the losing boxers too have some rank for playing the number of rounds and scoring points against the winning boxers like Bashir have 369 from 489 boxers, Naseeb 1000, Asad 1747 from 2201, Muhammad Ali 989 from 1231 and Rameez 991 from 1244.

He said that all the credit of Pakistan boxers induction goes to PBC president Ifraz Khan and the field operatives of the council who have made the PBC fights possible despite megre resources and little support from the corporate sector and sponsors. 

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