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PTI leaders cannot spend even three days in jail : Zaeem Qadri

zaeem-qadriLahore : Spokesman Punjab government Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri has said that PTI leadership will not be allowed wickedness.

Addressing a press conference, Zaeem Qadri said that Imran Khan is perturbed over continuous political failures and following the way of terrorism instead of politics. He said that PTI leaders cannot spend even three days in jail. They go to take rest in air-conditioned rooms while leaving the people in scorching heat, he added.

He said that their political hypocrisy has been fully exposed to the people.

Zaeem Qadri said that Pervaiz Khatak is responsible for taking modern weapons to Islamabad. He said that on stopping weapon carriers, Pervaiz Khatak started threats. He said we fully understand that Pakhtun brethren are patriotic Pakistanis.

He said that Imran Khan and his companions want to take control of the country by becoming terrorists instead of politicians. He said that no one will be allowed to occupy the state. He said that those indulging in chaos and anarchy do not need accountability but dead bodies. Sheikh Rasheed of Lal Haveli will be forced to run until he mends his ways, Zaeem Qadri concluded.

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