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Shahbaz Sharif lamented Imran Khan for locking down Islamabad

Lahore : Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that no one other than Modi can be happy over the plan of lockdown of Pakistan by Niazi Sahib as conspiracies are being hatched from within the country to stop the way of progress and prosperity of Pakistan besides and evil plans have been made for stopping the development of the country.shahbaz-sharif-lamented-imran-khan-for-locking-down-islamabad

He expressed these views while addressing a seminar on the topic of “Peaceful Pakistan-Prosperous Pakistan” at a local hotel under the aegis of Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, here today.

He said that those conspiring to lockdown Islamabad, Pakistan and CPEC are materializing the dreams of enemy of Pakistan sitting across east border in the real sense which is a great cruelty to Pakistan and its 20 crore people. Imran Khan wants to do economic murder of people of Pakistan by lock-downing Islamabad by becoming “Brown Sahib” but the nation will never allow to do so and prove to be Rockwall for foiling his designs, he added. A leader who has to guide the nation, unfortunately, has indulged in telling lies, he added. From where he has learnt such leadership, he questioned?

Shahbaz Sharif said that Imran Khan intends to lockdown Pakistan through the money of those who got written off loans of billions of rupees of the nation and loot and plunder of qabza mafia and wants to increase difficulties and problems of the nations through sit-ins. He said that the nation has to decide whether it wants progress and prosperity of the country or its ruining by supporting these elements. It has to decide to make the country Pakistan of Quaid and Iqbal or stop the country move ahead by closing projects like CPEC through sit-ins.

The Chief Minister said it is his faith that if a nation decides to achieve its goal then no hurdle can be created in its way. He expressed the hope that soon darkness will be removed from the country and it will complete its journey of progress and prosperity successfully.

The Chief Minister said that China has proved to be a sincere friend by giving an investment package of 46 billion dollar in Pakistan in a difficult hour.

He said that implementation of CPEC projects was delayed due to sit-ins. There is no role of Modi or any Jew in postponement of visit of Chinese President to Pakistan nor foreign hands were involved in it, all it was done by some our own who wasted precious time of the nation by staging sit-ins in Islamabad in 2014. These elements even did not give any importance to the request of Chinese Ambassador for the visit of Chinese President to Pakistan, he added.

He said that CPEC is a great blessing of Allah Almighty for Pakistan, which should be completed at all costs. He said that work is being continued round the clock speedily and transparently on CPEC projects.

Speaking on the occasion, President Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Abdul Basit said that peace is an integral part of continuity in economic activities and no one can be granted permission of playing with future of the nation and the country for completion of personal agenda.

He said that if someone is trying to create hurdles in the journey of development, he is strengthening the agenda of enemy and loss of country and the nation. Traders’ community will discourage those creating hurdles in the way of progress, he added.

Trader leaders Iftikhar Ali Malik, Naeem Mir, Khalid Pervaiz, Ajmal Baloch, Aamir Fayyaz Sheikh and They said that traders’ community is responsible for the survival and stability of the country. They said Pakistan is our home and he who talks of damaging our home is harming Islamic Democratic of Pakistan in the real sense. They said that patriotic traders will not allow anyone to play with the interests of the country and stopping business or ways. They said that if constitution gives permission of protest to these elements, it is also protector of their rights.

Provincial Ministers, Assembly Members, representatives of trader organizations from all over the country, industrialists, investors, intellectuals and traders participated in the seminar in large numbers.

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