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Pakistan needs politics of “Right and Wrong”,: Siraj ul Haq

Lahore: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the country needed politics of “Right and Wrong”, not of “Left and Right” to ensure political stability.

Addressing a seminar on “Qaumi Yekjehti) under the aegis of the CPNE in Islamabad, he asked why there was anarchy and unrest in the country despite the presence of the Senate, the Parliament, the constitution and the courts. Who was responsible for the lack of national cohesion and unanimity, he asked.

He said that the nations could come out of the crisis of oil and sugar, but when there was a crisis of national unanimity, the result would be disaster.sirajul-haq

Sirajul Haq said that a state which lacked supremacy of the law and the constitution, where talented youth did not get their right and there was the murder of merit, only suicide bombers would come forth.

He said that there was deprivation and despondence all over, free flow of arms and   terrorism, besides economic and political terrorism, which had split the country into two.

The JI chief said although a secular party was in power in Sindh, thousands of Hindus had migrate to India. He said the JI was trying to save the constitution and democratic system. However, he said, the government had not fulfilled any of the promises made at the time of the PTI-PAT sit in Islamabad two years ago. He said the Election Commission had failed  to introduce any electoral reforms. Elections had become a game of the wealthy and a man of limited means could not even dream of contesting the elections.

He said that the political parties had turned into family parties and there was no democracy within them. How could these parties establish democratic set up in the country?

The JI chief said that the country needed complete national unity and cohesion in the face of Indian threats as tug of war between different parties would not help the situation.

He said that in Kashmir, more than one lakh Kashmiris had been martyred. The Kashmiris were looking up to Pakistan for support. However, he said, that none of the government in the country had considered Kashmir as its own issue.

He reiterated his suggestion that the term of the assemblies and government be cut down to four years  so that a government which was not delivering could be sent home.

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