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Withdraw scrutiny list or face consequences ; President Journalist Group warns

journalist-group-group-photoLahore : The Journalist Group has dismissed the scrutiny list in their meeting chaired by president Arshad Ansari. Mr Ansari has asked the governing body to withdraw scrutiny list within next two days otherwise journalist group would go to any extent for the restoration of membership of the honourable working journalists .He said the thankless elected members of Lahore Press Club were busy in ousting the members who elected them in elections 2016 , if they were not journalists than how could be elected members legitimate.

He said that adding the names of seniors and working journalists in scrutiny list was a move of political victimization by the LPC governing body, We never accept such a biased act, Mr Ansari maintained.

He also announced to hold a protest at 3pm on 25th of October in the courtyard of Lahore Press Club and invited all the victims of scrutiny list to join them.

President EMRA Adnan Malik said those who do not honour Chairman Photographers Association Iqbal Ch a  journalist, they should show integrity and surrender their plots which they got by the efforts of Iqbal Ch.

Munawar Butt said that president Arshad Ansari is very much right to demand the withdrawal of scrutiny list as the members list had been verified by the Rehbar Committee after the postponement of elections in December 2015. All the stakeholder’s representatives were in the Rehbar Committee including Jawad Nazir ,Shafiq Awan ,Moin Azhar ,Yasin Khan Sehar ,Shahzad Hussain Butt ,Raees Ansari , Khalid Farooqi , Munawar Butt,Tajamal Gurmani and Sattar Ch .

The Committee than had also got assistance from Shadab Riaz (present secretary LPC) ,Faheem Gohar Butt and a few other members to find out non journalist characters from the members and voters list.

The Rehbar Committee visited the whole membership record and after the hectic work of 15 days, they issued a consensus list signed by all the stakeholders upon which elections were conducted. Now the body has issued a scrutiny list which is not only illegal but also immoral too. If the Rehbar Committee had not done their job good way then the whole election process was wrong and the elected body is illegitimate if their work was good then the scrutiny list can not be legitimate.

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