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Lahore General Hospital arranges awareness walk on World Osteoporosis Day

lghLahore : Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute / Ameeruddin Medical College Prof. Gayas-Un-Nabi Tayyab has said that balanced diet, daily exercise and simple lifestyle is essential to avoid bones disease osteoporosis. He said that aged people and pregnant women are most effected segment from this disease. Deficiency of calcium in human body, weaken the bones, which easily fracture due to any minor reason. Observing the World Osteoporosis Day recalls the importance to take care of bones health. For this purpose, creating awareness among the masses is more essential.

He expressed these views while talking to the media after leading an Awareness Walk to Observe the World Osteoporosis Day at Lahore General Hospital, here today.

Prof. Irfan Mehboob, Dr. Tanvir Zubairi, MS. Dr. Junaid Mirza, and a large number of doctors and nurses and other people participated in the walk. Prof. Gayas- Un-Nabi Tayyab said that this year’s slogan of World Osteoporosis Day is “Love Your Bones” has been selected for creating awareness among the people to protect the health of bones.

Prof. of Orthopedic Dr. Irfan Mehboob said that pregnant women faced health issues due to malnutrition, and deficiency of calcium further add difficulties in their health and their bones become more vulnerable and minor incident fracture the bones. He said that suitable gap in the child birth can prevent women health and secure them from osteoporosis diseases. He said that due to the poverty and illiteracy, people could not choose their accurate diet resulting in various diseases including osteoporosis.

The medical experts said that hip-joint, backbone, heal, ribs and ankle joint bones are mostly effected due to this disease. They said that changes in routine lifestyle, exercise, use of milk and cheese in daily diet can strengthen the bones, especially of pregnant and lactating women.

The experts said that deficiency of calcium could also be met by using calcium tablets and other products however the quantity of calcium should not be exceed from 2000mg per day.

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