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Shahbaz Sharif elected PML-N punjab president

shahbaz-sharif-elected-pml-n-punjab-presidentLahore : Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has been elected unopposed president of PML-N Punjab as no one submit nomination papers against his lordship.The so-called elections were held at Expo Centre ,Lahore where free media was not allowed to cover the elections activities.

The notice displayed at Expo Centre barring the free media entry reminded the British Rule, when some clubs reserved for ruling class,displayed notice at outer gate”Dogs and Indians are not allowed to enter”.

Today, when media men reached at Expo Centre to cover the elections of PML-N Punjab,they were asked to leave the premises as only state run Media were permitted to show the election process of a political party which was fortunately a ruling party too .

PML-N media cell which is practically being run by the Director General Public Relations office that has presented Punjab Chief Minister as a marketing product. The present administration never contacted journalists for the coverage of the events attended by CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif rather they approached marketing teams of the channels to add CM news in the bulletins. The media teams of the provincial department keep the Shahbaz Sharif away from even the beat reporters as he is not a public figure but a marketing product or a “king” who should appear before the masses like “Mughal Emperors” only on selected events.

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