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UBG to win FPCCI elections again : Haji Naseem ur Rehman

sm-munir-naseem-ur-rehmanLahore : The United Business Group (UBG) on Friday said that they will win the FPCCI election for the third time while opponents will again face crushing defeat.

Opponents have realised their defeat in the forthcoming annual elections of FPCCI therefore they are trying to create disturbance, it said.

Attack on Mardan chamber, setting record on fire and manhandling of staff and elected officials was part of the plan of the defeated panel which also wants to hide their malpractices, said Haji Naseem ur Rehman, Zonal Chairman UBG.

In a statement issued here today, he said that former president FPCCI Haji Ghulam Ali and former VP Mirza Abdul Rehman are directly involved in burning the record but they have not been arrested which is amazing.

He asked the inspector general police to order impartial inquiry and held those responsible in attacking the chamber.

The veteran business leader said that Ghulam Ali remained a failure in politics and now he is trying to make it to trade politics but could not succeed despite best efforts which has frustrated him.

Now the former Senator is using all means to change the situation for which he is using political influence of JUI-F which should be noticed, he said.

He said that negative tactic will never help the opponents to win FPCCI elections and they are damaging their image. He asked the business community not to pay heed to the negative elements.

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