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Holland is ready to provide technical assistance to Punjab : Jeannette Seppen

ambassador-of-holland-jeannetty-seppen-director-for-asia-and-oceania-peter-portmenLahore : Minister for Human Rights Khalil Tahir Sandhu said that Pakistan is a peace loving country. Our army has given more sacrifices in the war against terrorism than any other country in the world. He said that international community should work unitedly to address the global issues like poverty, ignorance, extremism, terrorism and violations of human rights. The situation of human rights in India is worst than any other country of the region. We will not compromise on over sovereignty, freedom is the fundamental right of kashmiris, implementation on UN resolutions in this regard is need of the hour. He expressed these views while meeting with the ambassador of Holland Ms. Jeannette Seppen and Director for Asia and Oceania Peter Portmann, here today.

Provincial Minister said that Pakistan has played vital role to sustain peace and prosperity in the region. We have rendered sacrifices in the global agenda against war on terrorism. He said that extremism, unemployment and poverty are the major issues of less developed countries.

The situation of human rights in Pakistan is more better than India. Minorities in Pakistan enjoys equal rights as other citizens. Punjab government has established Provincial Task force to ensure the rights of minorities and monitor the human rights situation. He said that Punjab government with the cooperation of friendly countries is working in the field of education, health, e-governance and technology.

Minister said that under the visionary leadership of Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the opportunities of foreign investment have been increased. Work is being executed round the clock on CPEC projects which help to provide profitable opportunities to the foreign investors.

Ms. Jeannette Seppen has shown keen interest in ongoing projects of Punjab. She said that Holland is ready to provide technical assistance to the projects of Punjab government. She appreciated the positive results in the field of education and health in Punjab. Director for Asia and Oceania Mr. Peter Portman said that bilateral relations exists between both the countries which help to increase cultural understanding at both sides.

He said that the situation of human rights is better in Punjab than other provinces. Officers from Human rights & Minorities Affairs Department and Mr. Javed William, Country Head of Faces Pakistan were also present on the occasion.

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