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Children abductions continued in the hometown of Chief Minister Punjab

Lahore : Children abductions are continued in the hometown of Chief Minister Punjab,no visible effort was observed to end this horrible crime except the lip service of the highly qualified officers of the police department who never made their contacts in the mafia to uproot the crimes.

Unfortunately ,”The Baboos” have no support from the “labour Class” of the rankers as the officers of the rankers were demoted to the ranks with one option to leave the Police Department.

Thus ,the brains of Police Service of Pakistan are giving arguments that kids run away from their homes due to the bad treatment of the parents,teachers attitude or failing in the exams,no child was kidnapped for ransom so it should be understood that there was no organized gang operating in the city.

Despite the philosophy of the greatest minds, another child Aman Qamar abducted from Samanabad.The boy went on a bike from home and never came back.His phone was remained on till 8 PM ,later it was switched off. police have registered a case but could not find any clue of the child.

Meanwhile,Civil Society has staged protest against the kidnapping of the children at the Mall and chanted slogans for the safety of the young generation.

The local residents have caught 2 kidnappers from the area of Liaqatabad.The violent mob thrashed the accused and later handed over them to the police. The residents also protested against the police at Ferozepur Road near Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif’s residence and shouted slogans. The protesters demanded appropriate actions against the kidnappers.

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