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The Sharifs would not be escaped from punishment : PAT’s APC declaration

Dr Tahir ul Qadri announcing APC declarationLahore :  All Parties Conference held at Pakistan Awami Tehrek’s central office has announced its declaration,vowing that the killers and the responsibles of  Model Town tregedy would not be escaped from punishment.The martyrs souls seeking justice for the last two years but no progress could be made in this regard.we are committed to provide justice to the victims families.

Pakistan Peoples Party’s Latif Khosa ,Awami Muslim League president Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, JUP’s Sahibzada Abu al Khair Zuair,PML-Q Senator Kamil ALi Agha,Tariq Basheer Cheema MNA,Ch Zaheer ud Din,Bisharat Raja and Mian Munir, PTI’s Mian Mehmood ur Rasheed and other attended the APC.

While blowing hot upon the Sharif Family, PAT Chief Allama Dr Tahir ul Qadri said that Punjab was suffering from worst law & order because of the tactics being used by the rulers to save them from punishment as the criminals have no fear of justice,when the killers of 14 innocent people could not get justice then how can be punished the other criminals.He lamented the incumbent rulers for worst corruption ,saying that they come into politics only to boost their business,now they have uncountable wealth in the world,Panama Leaks exposed them badly but even then they could not caught,Allah is seeing all and one day they would be punished for what they committed.He also announced to start agitation campaign from 6th of August against the govt.

Senior leaders of PML-Q have said that killers and responsibles of Model Town tragedy will have to account for their doings, mission of our party whether in govt or opposition is to practically support the poor, oppressed and helpless, this is the reason the measures undertaken by PML-Q govt in Punjab for welfare and well-being of the poor and common man and provision of justice without any discrimination under the leadership of Ch Shujat Hussain and Ch Parvez Elahi are unprecedented.

They further said that after holi of blood Ch Parvez Elahi was first to reach Minhaj ul Quran Model Town to sympathize and express solidarity and announced to support the oppressed workers of the Tehrik, PML-Q stands with them even today and will continue to stay with them till they get justice

PML-Q leaders said that most regrettable thing is that, despite nomination of all accused in the FIR and pinpointing of all those responsible in the judicial inquiry report of a learned judge of the High Court, nothing has been done in this regard.

They said no matter whatever the killers and the responsibles do for escaping the law, blood of the martyrs will not go waste in any case, killers and responsibles of this tragedy should not forget that a court will also sit on the Day of Judgment where the martyrs will surely get justice.

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