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Shahbaz Sharif visit to General Hospital,announces financial assistance for the poor patients

Shahbaz Sharif visit to Lahore General Hospital Lahore : Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif paid a surprise visit to Lahore General Hospital without any protocol today. He reached the hospital without any prior intimation and reviewed medical facilities being provided to the patients in different wards.

The Chief Minister enquired from the patients and their relatives about treatment facilities being provided in the hospital. Under-treatment patients and their attendants told the Chief Minister that medicines are being given in the hospital but the sanitation arrangements are not satisfactory and the date for the operation is also given with delay. Some patients and their families requested the Chief Minister for financial assistance, upon which he announced financial assistance for the poor patients and their families on the spot and issued necessary instructions to the administration in this regard.

Shahbaz Sharif inspected various washrooms of the hospital and expressed indignation on bShahbaz Sharif visit to Lahore General Hospital1ad condition of washrooms and poor cleanliness situation. He also reprimanded hospital administration on unsatisfactory hygienic condition and dirty bed sheets.

The Chief Minister said cleanliness is half faith but it is deplorable that sanitation arrangements of washrooms and wards are unsatisfactory and even soap is not available in the washrooms. He said that it is the responsibility of the district administrative officers to visit the hospitals for monitoring the situation and immediate steps be taken for improvement in this regard.

Shahbaz Sharif reprimanded hospital administration on seeing the poor condition of the walls and open electricity switch boards in the hospital and expressed resentment over not wearing of gown by AMS and some doctors present on duty. Despite clear direction, performance of duty by the doctors without gown is regrettable, he added. He said that wearing gown is demand of the discipline as it is difficult for general patients to differ between doctors and other persons therefore, wearing gown by doctors should be implemented strictly. He directed the doctors to perform their duties by wearing gown.

The Chief Minister issued on the spot instructions for the treatment and financial assistance of the resource-less patients. He ordered an inquiry into the substandard construction of washrooms and dilapidated condition of the walls of the hospital.

Shahbaz Sharif took strict notice of complaints by some patients regarding delay in treatment especially operation and directed that a report be presented to him after analysis of load of the patients and available human resource.

Principal Postgraduate Medical Institute Prof. Dr. Khalid Mehmood and Medical Superintendent Dr. Capt(R) Niaz Ahmad were not present in the hospital during surprise visit of Chief Minister, however, later, they reached the hospital.

The Chief Minister reprimanded the Principal and MS on treatment facilities being provided in the hospital and poor sanitation arrangements and directed them to improve the situation. Addressing the MS, Shehbaz Sharif said that if he pays visit to the wards regularly and reviews the condition, then this was not the situation.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that hospitals have been constructed for treatment of the poor patients and these poor patients have also right over quality medical facilities. He said that the cleanliness situation and treatment facilities will have to be improved in the hospitals as these are for human beings and not for animals.

Shahbaz Sharif said that Punjab government has given resources of billions of rupees for spending on the patients which should be spent on them at every cost. He questioned whether the patients coming for treatment are not human beings and they have as much right over quality health facilities as they have.

The Chief Minister said he will not allow going to waste the resources of billions of rupees for providing public health facilities and that is why he is visiting hospitals to personally review the facilities being provided to the patients. It is lamentable that those facilities over which patients and their attendants have right are not available to them.

On the request of daughter of a radio TV artist Liaqat Ali, under treatment in the hospital, the Chief Minister issued necessary instructions regarding the treatment of her father and assured all out help to the family. During his visit, the patients and their attendants besides other persons also informed the Chief Minister about their problems, upon which, he issued on the spot necessary orders.

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