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Shahbaz Sharif host dinner in the honor of position-holding students from Balochistan

hosted dinner in the honor of position-holding students from Balochistan this evening in LahoreLahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan consists of four units, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. He said that our joys and sads are common.

He expressed these views while addressing position holder girl and boy students of Balochistan Universities at Chief Minister’s Office today.

The Chief Minister also gave laptops to the students of Balochistan. Chief Minister Balochistan Sanaullah Zehri, Commander Southern Command Lt. Gen. Aamir Riaz, Provincial Ministers, Members National and Provisional Assembly, Vice Chancellors, columnists, intellectuals, educationists and senior officials were present on the occasion.

He said that we have to identify and remove the misunderstanding and distances created in our hearts in the past. He said that we have to steer the country out of quagmire of problems and difficulties and put it on the road to progress and prosperity through mutual unity.

He said that we have to support each other in the hour of distress as sentiments of love promote in this way. Although political and military rulers and policy makers made serious mistakes during the last 69 years yet we have to learn a lesson from them and move forward, he added.

He said that Pakistan cannot progress without promotion of merit and education. If merit prevails in all the units of Pakistan, then no one can stop development of the country, he added.

Shahbaz Sharif said that our first priority is promotion of education and we can achieve our goals by equipping the youth of the nation with knowledge. He said that federal and provincial governments should utilize their all out resources for promotion of education. He said that youth are future of the nation and provision of resources for equipping them with modern knowledge is a useful investment.

Shahbaz Sharif said today is a historic day that the daughters and the sons of the nation from Balochistan province are present at Chief Ministers’ Office and perhaps it is the first opportunity that elected Chief Minister Balochistan Sanaullah Zehri is accompanying them.

He said we have always been saying that political and military leadership is on one page and presence of Lt. Gen. Aamir Riaz in this hall reflects this today. He said that Balochistan is the biggest province of Pakistan with regard to area while Punjab with regard to population. Unfortunately, the environment of misunderstanding and non-confidence remained present among both the provinces in the past, he added. He said that we have to forget these misunderstandings and move ahead with the force of unity. He said that the distances in our hearts have to be identified and removed.

Referring to NFC Award, Shahbaz Sharif said that General Musharraf could not get this award during his ten years tenure but elected governments achieved this award and told the world that political leadership of Pakistan and people can achieve their objectives through love and sacrifice.

The Chief Minister said that Punjab set an example of sacrifice by sacrificing its 11 billion rupees share for achieving NFC Award. He said that all the four provinces are fully benefitting from this award. He said that we have to move forward by forgetting the misunderstandings of the past and support each other in the time of difficulties. He said that announcement of laptops by Chief Minister Balochistan on merit in Balochistan is a good omen as merit is only way to progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

He said that Muslim Ummah is rich in the wealth of resources, but has not made progress, as it did not pay attention to education and research. He said that we are lagging behind South Koria and other countries as we have forgotten the lesson of hard work and honesty. He said that South Korea, copying our development plan, has moved far ahead of us. He said that China which got independence after two years of Pakistan is also very far ahead of us.

He said that the countries like Germany and Japan have made progress through hard work. He said that these countries changed their defeat during World War-II through their hard work and honesty. He said that Pakistan was achieved after supreme sacrifices but it still not achieved the aims and objectives of its creation. Its reason is that despite believing in one God, one Quran and one Prophet we have divided into groups and sects, he added. He said that Pakistan has achieved successes and it has become first nuclear power of Islamic world that has made our defense impregnable and the enemy cannot put on us an evil eye.

He said our brave army is one of the best  and disciplined army of the world. Shehbaz Sharif said that due to Zarb-e-Azb, terrorists have been defeated. He said that our political and military leadership have jointly given a practical shape to historic agreement of CPEC and expressed the hope that time is not far off when the country will get rid of darkness. He said that people are judge to the corruption of the past and transparency of the present.

He said that the entire nation from Peshawar to Karachi is united to implement the historic package of CPEC and expressed the hope that this package will change the fate of the nation.

Chief Minister Balochistan Sanaullah Zehri while addressing the ceremony said that Shahbaz Sharif is his role model and following him, 50 thousand laptops will be distributed on merit in Balochistan. He said that Punjab has set a high example of sacrifice in the approval of NFC Award.

Commander Southern Command Lt. Gen. Aamir Riaz said that they are thankful to Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif and Punjab government who called the delegation of students of Balochistan here for encouragement. He said that future of Pakistan is associated with the youth and Pakistan will definitely get its goal.

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