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PFM will come up to the expectations of the nation:Haroon Khawaja

Chairman Haroon KhawajaLahore: Chairman Pakistan Freedom Movement, Haroon Khawaja addressed a large number of people on the Members’ Day in Lahore and appreciated the deep interest in PFM shown by Pakistanis at home and abroad. He announced that PFM will come up to the expectations of the nation and start a new era of progress and prosperity through its diligent efforts.

He said that lack of education, corruption, slump in the job market etc, are not the problems of Pakistan but the real problem is the implementation of a 19th century colonial system of governance which needed to be uprooted and a 21st Century system incorporated that could meet the need of the present times.

Mr. Haroon Khawaja said that the party does not have any personal agendas; in fact he and his team have a single mission to bring Pakistan to the level of top nations of the world which is what it deserves.

He further added that in the recent floods and devastation in Pakistan, they served the people of Southern Punjab and interior Sindh on a self help basis and provided them with shelters, education, health, businesses etc to survive.

Similarly PFM was instrumental in creating mobile health units for remote places in district Kasur in the health sector, which made such a huge significance in the mortality and sickness ratio of the people that WHO noticed the change and praised this remarkable model.

On this occasion governing council members of PFM Miss Ayesha Hamid and Rafi Khan shared their views about PFM being the only party that can in reality bring a permanent change towards betterment in Pakistan. This is the reason PFM is receiving an overwhelming response in Pakistan and abroad, and the people are joining PFM significantly.

Speakers at the session also spoke on the occasion voicing their concerns about the corrupt and obsolete systems of the country. They were all of the opinion that they are looking for a clean and transparent leadership and they felt that the PFM platform was the true image of their thoughts and feelings.

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