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UET believes in the safety of the minority rights : VC Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid

vc seminarLahore: Vice chancellor University of Engineering and Technology Lahore Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid said that Islam always prefers all the minorities and their rights.

He expresses these views while talking to Christians employees in the chemical seminar hall.

He told this event has given the example of the human inspiration is appreciable. He told the safety of the Christian employees’ rights is our first priority, UET believes in the safety of the minority rights ignoring the caste, color and religion. Every religion of the world gives us the lesson of brotherhood and that is the same message from Christmas.

He told that our country is highly destroyed due to terrorists and racialism and the need of the hour is peace these days .And the need of the hour is to follow the formulas and advises of the founder of the Pakistan Quaid e Azam and become united and dismiss all the plans of the enemies. The more important need of today hours is that we should introduce harmony in the religions. Islam gives us the lesson to respect other religions Christians are the part of Pakistan majority population. They not participated in making Pakistan but also participated in the prosperity of Pakistan.

At this spot Christians employees told that vice chancellor increased their happiness and we are thankful towards them.

At this moment prof Dr Muhammad Arif appreciated the christian employees and get their trust by saying that they will keep working for their rights.At this moment dean of architecture dept and city and regional planning Dr.Ghulam Abbas was also present

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