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PML-N Lahore former president Haji Imdad Hussain joins PTI

Ch M Sarwa PTI Pic 30-7-15 (1)Lahore: In a meeting with Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Punjab Organiser Chaudhary Mohammad Sarwar, former PML-N Lahore president Haji Imdad Husain as well as PPP and PML-Q provincial assembly ticket-holders along with 60 former Nazims, naib nazims and councillors announced joining the PTI.

PML-N’s Haji Imdad Husain, PML-Q’s ticket-holder from Sheikhupura Ch Sajid Bashir Butter, PPP ticket-holder Sardar Hasham Ali Khan, independent MPA candidate Ch Liaquat Ali and former nazims, naib nazims and councillors held a meeting with Chaudhary Sarwar at his office on Thursday and expressed their full confidence in the leadership of PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

Chaudhary Sarwar said the PML-N and PPP’s politics was expiring due to its corruption and looting spree. He said the nation would wipe out these two political parties in the next elections. He said the PTI was fully preparing for the upcoming local body elections and would not allow the rulers to delay the elections on any pretext. He regretted that corruption had become order of the day everywhere in the public institutions including PIA, Wapda, Sui-gas, police, income tax and Railways.

He said the corruption of billions of rupees in these institutions was creating innumerable problems for the masses. Whereever, there was no system of accountability, he regretted that masses were generally punished. He also regretted that the incumbent rulers’ accountability was being ignored due to political compromises.

Chaudhary Sarwar stressed that corruption and wrongdoings needed to be wiped out to make Pakistan a welfare state, which could not be done without punishing the corrupt. He stressed that laws should also be framed to stop corrupt politicians entering the politics.

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