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Irfan Sidiqi laments Altaf Hussain for his tirade against the army

Irfan Sidiqi laments Altaf Hussain for his tirade against the armyLahore: Advisor to Prime Minister Irfan Siddiqui observed that there are no strings attached to the aid and assistance provided by China who regards Pakistan as its “Iron Friend”.

He was addressing a function arranged by the Nazaria Pakistan Trust.

Irfan Sidiqi said that both the newly elected premiers of Pakistan and China had met on July 5, 2013, and discussed the future projects Unfortunately, he said, a period of 8 months was wasted in political hullabaloo. But, at last, the pretty phrases of ‘sweeter than honey’, ‘loftier than the Himalayas’ and ‘deeper than the oceans’ employed so frequently by the two nations while describing their mutual friendship, were backed by XI Jinping’s signing of over 50 agreements pledging $46 billion worth of investment in Pakistan.

He said that the Sharifs promised Xi that the Pak armed forces would establish a special security division to protect Chinese workers in Pakistan. An economic corridor would be built from Western China to Persian Gulf, transforming Pakistan into a hub of trade. It is a network of roads and ‘Shahrah-i-Resham’ would just make part of it. The missing links would be provided soon and both Pakistan and China would be able to profit of the new “Silk Road’. Much of the Chinese investment would go to energy projects, which could help Pakistan overcome its debilitating energy crisis, irfan Siddiqui observed.


Mr Sidiqi lamented MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain for his tirade against the Army ad demanded apology from Altaf Hussain for hating speech.

The Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Chairman Muhammad Rafique Tarar expressed that China has always helped Pakistan strengthen its defence. JF 17 Thunder is just one of the many examples in this regard. In view of America’s predilection for India, and its attempt to use it as a tool to constrain China, it would serve the interests of both the tested and tried friends of each other viz., Pakistan and China, to co-operate and work shoulder to shoulder with each other.



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